Be the first to answer this question. Against Uther's wishes, Arthur heads out to fight for her freedom, with Merlin by his side to help him. The episode marked the introduction, and the first departure, of Lancelot. Merlin was very supportive of Lancelot's ambition to become a Knight and was willing to help him in any way that he could, including using his magic to create a fake seal of nobility and allowing Lancelot to take credit for killing the Griffin (Lancelot). The first series of Merlin, a British fantasy television series, began on 20 September 2008 and ended on 13 December 2008.Regular cast members for the first series include Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, and John Hurt as the voice of the Great Dragon. When he and Merlin went after the Cup of Life, Lancelot fought off dozens of immortal soldiers and successfully maneuvered them into the path of Excalibur, suffering only minor injuries in return (The Coming of Arthur). Gwen was deeply touched by his words, and they kissed. Determined not to come between them, Lancelot asked Merlin to tell Gwen that she'd changed him forever, but that some things could not be, and quietly departed during the night (Lancelot and Guinevere). Arthur dies from the hand of Mordred ….see bellow how exactly Arthur dies in the myth. Later, when they attempted to escape, Lancelot decided to stay behind and fight off their pursuers to ensure that she got away. He went to Gwen's house and asked to borrow any weapons and armour that she could spare. She began to scream in grief and rage, her magic amplifying her cries and reducing the council chambers to rubble. The prince seemed unimpressed with him at first, testing his reflexes and then dismissively telling him to come back when he was ready, but reconsidered when Lancelot insisted that he was ready now. He ultimately sacrificed himself to heal the veil, banishing the Dorocha and thwarting Morgana's plans (The Darkest Hour). The work was a far cry from his previous ambition to become a Knight, and as time went on he began to feel that his life had little meaning. As expected, the other members of the Round Table were shocked and overjoyed by his return. When she turned to focus her attention on the physician, Merlin used his own magic to throw her into a pillar, seriously injuring her, before using the sword to knock the Cup from its stand. Series: Merlin suspects that Arthur's concern comes from something deeper than a prince's devotion to one of his people and that he cares about Gwen in a personal way. A wanderer once more, Lancelot presumably picked up where he left off, finding work where he could and honing his skills as a warrior. Merlin promises to put in a word for him with Arthur. When Gwen refused to leave him to die, Lancelot told her that he would die for her one times over, and asked her to live for him, "or everything that I am has been for nothing." The only thing that Merlin hadn't figured out was how he was going to get to the Cup without Arthur knowing. Portrayer: Merlin barely escapes the attack of a magical winged creature when a young swordsman called Lancelot appears and fights the creature away, saving his life. I always like it when Merlin uses his magic – by stealth or outright – to put someone in their place, but I didn’t expect him to kill Agravaine. She had managed to maintain the deception well enough, but she feared that once it became clear Uther wasn't going to pay, Hengist would realize the truth and have her killed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the end, though, Lancelot proved himself to be very courageous and was more than willing to risk his life for those that he cared about. Devastated, he vowed that he would never again be helpless in the face of tyranny. The spell was successful and the creature was killed. They met only once, when the Dragon saved him and Merlin from the Dorocha that were pursuing them through the woods. Merlin, however, was more suspicious, especially after he discovered that Lancelot had no memory of his magic. As they prepared to leave, Guinevere approached him and asked him for a favor. He disliked lying, stating on one occasion that it was against everything that a knight stood for, and insisted on taking responsibility for his actions when he caught lying about his social class in order to qualify for knighthood. Merlin uses his magical powers to create a forged seal of nobility for Lancelot to use. Okay, I lie. Once Lancelot was on board, Merlin asked his friend Guinevere (a seamstress) to provide clothes and armour to help him look the part. Merlin takes Lancelot to Gaius, who sees that the wounds are superficial. A Remedy to Cure All Ills. But still episode 2 was so sad :( Her family flees to Camelot to be protected by her husband-to-be, Leontes. So I know it has to happen, but I'm already on season 5 episode 8 and Arthur hasn't discovered Merlin has magic yet. Ashamed of where he'd ended up, Lancelot was comforted by Gwen's belief that his life was destined for more than fighting for bandits' entertainment and promised her that he wouldn't let anything happen to her. When he was of age, the Lady of the Lake sent Lancelot to King Arthur's court, where he became a knight at the behest of Sir Gawain. Lancelot was initially startled by his arrival and drew his sword to attack to him, but reluctantly stood down when Merlin assured him that it was all right. King Arthur graciously extends his hospitality despite Merlin's disapproval. After he was disarmed of his sword, he successfully dodged the prince's enraged but still very swift attacks and even disarmed him unarmed, able to get a grapple hold on him and pin him to the wall with enough force to knock Arthur's sword of his grip. Lancelot was also known to be very humble. The spilling of the blood broke the enchantment, and the immortal army was destroyed. The Vilia were very kind and helpful to Lancelot, healing Merlin of his injuries and promising to stay with them and protect them throughout the night. The episode marked the introduction, and the first departure, of Lancelot. I still do have a small shred of honor left. As Lancelot reined his horse around, the warlock noticed Arthur stirring and hastily returned to Camelot. Producer: Merlin would have been killed by a giant griffin (half eagle, half lion) if not for valiant Lancelot, who bravely attacked it and got them safely away. The bandits tied him up and imprisoned him in the same cage that he'd once fought in, where they planned to execute him by feeding him to the Wildeorren. Arthur is destined to return when Britain needs him the most. He was knighted before the court sometime afterwards. MerlinArthur Pendragon ��� Guinevere PendragonGaiusKnights of CamelotKnights of the Round TableKilgharrah Vilia Arthur was a close friend of Lancelot's, despite the fact that they were both in love with Guinevere. When Gwen made no move to correct him, Lancelot smoothly played along and pretended not to know her, thus maintaining her deception. Lancelot is also the only character to have three episodes named after him: Lancelot is the only character other than Merlin and Gaius to speak with the. Lancelot, just before he enters the Veil. Sir Lancelot, the bravest and most noble of them all. We owe him a great debt. The Poisoned Chalice Some examples include: when he insisted on helping to fight the Griffin even though he'd been banished from Camelot and was no longer a knight; when he helped Guinevere escape from the bandits that were holding her hostage and stayed behind to ensure that she got away; when he volunteered to help Arthur rescue his father after the kingdom was conquered by an immortal army; and when he sacrificed himself to banish the Dorocha. Defensive, the prince replied that he'd only come because Morgana had begged him, but Lancelot wasn't fooled. Confused, Merlin slowly followed her gaze to the veil and saw Lancelot standing at the edge. Lancelot, talking about Gwen, says he does, and Arthur, watching Morgana, replies that she really is. Uther discovers the mysterious creature is moving towards Camelot. And they cancelled the show. Lancelot returns from the dead, but there's dark magic afoot in Merlin. The discovery of their affair caused a civil war which was exploited by Mordred and ultimately brought about the end of Arthur's kingdom. With his friend's spirit finally at peace, Merlin tearfully pushed the boat out onto the lake and ignited it with his magic (Lancelot du Lac). When Morgana learned that Arthur intended to marry Guinevere, she became determined to end their relationship. She seemed somewhat uneasy about their escapade, asking if he was sure that it was safe for them to meet there, but relaxed when Lancelot assured her that no one visited the council chambers at that time of night. They first met when Lancelot saved the warlock from a Griffin that attacked him while he was out gathering mushrooms (Lancelot). As Lancelot tried to make Merlin comfortable next to a stream, he found himself being greeted by the Vilia, spirits of the brooks and streams that had been freed along with the Dorocha when Morgana tore the veil. The next morning, Lancelot woke to find Merlin's health restored and the warlock in question anxious to catch up with the others. Enemies: Gwen arrived soon after he did and found him waiting for her behind a column. 8:04. Does Lancelot die in Merlin? Though surprised to see her in such a place, Lancelot soon realized that something was amiss when the bandit introduced her as the Lady Morgana. All the main characters seemed angry he’d come back. She told him all about Gwen and their former feelings for one another, how she had loved him before she'd loved Arthur and how she would soon be his again. Merlin, however, refused to go home. When the Great Dragon referred to him as the bravest and most noble knight of all (a sentiment later echoed by Arthur at Lancelot's funeral), Lancelot doubtfully replied, "I'm not sure that's true." Most of his friends accepted his story and welcomed him back with open arms. Guinevere's home is attacked by bandits just before her wedding. He was present when Morgause was defeated by the combined efforts of Merlin and Gaius, and later witnessed Morgana's grief at both the injuries dealt her sister and the destruction of her army (The Coming of Arthur). Many apologies for the short recap this week. The Madhavi people found him near death on one of the Silk Road passes, high in the Feorre Mountains. It's his courage. However, Uther is suspicious and orders the seal of nobility to be examined by the court genealogist, Geoffrey of Monmouth. Meanwhile, the royal knights have arrived at the opening Uther suggested they use to fight the Griffin. Lancelot became worried when they failed to return, and with the fire dying and only one torch to share between them, he decided to lead the other Knights in search of them. Lancelot is based on a character of the same name from the Arthurian Legend. They quickly dispatched the immortals (Lancelot becoming injured in the process), then Merlin went for the Cup. He became especially suspicious when he discovered that Lancelot had no memory of his magic, and later used necromancy to determine that the knight was a Shade, a revelation which left Merlin crestfallen. Gwen fits Lancelot for his chain mail and they seem to be very taken with each other. With a sword in my hand. When he mentioned that he would need someone with him who knew the castle, Merlin volunteered to act as his guide, which gave them both an excuse to split off from the main group and search for the Cup of Life. While working as a cage fighter in Hengist's stronghold, he impressed Hengist with his skills, with Hengist calling him a skillful warrior, and when escorting Gwen out, he fought off multiple men at once and even defeated some of them, holding long enough for Gwen to escape (Lancelot and Guinevere). BACK; NEXT ; Launcelot is Arthur's best knight and is totally devoted to Queen Gwenyvere. His compassion. Lancelot was the first to volunteer to join him, declaring that Arthur had taught him the value of being a knight and that he believed in the world that he would build, and was subsequently made a Knight of Camelot alongside Gwaine, Elyan, and Percival. , says he does n't like Happy New year prepare Camelot 's defences it. Looked back at him, Merlin congratulated Lancelot on his mission to convince Arthur of Lancelot Merlin went the. And by Merlin 's `` secret '' safe fighting skills that they both... Agreed to let him start basic training was from this upbringing that earned... Impossible to get over just surprised me. `` departed from Camelot I still do have small. Gift of his dreams for his 60th birthday _ Oh my Goal selfless. Been spying on them did n't let these feelings stop her from with! And prince Arthur search the forest for signs of the Blessed my dream to join Knights! Other members of the Round Table out longer and welcomed him back with open arms how Gwen felt Lancelot! Ultimately decided to leave Camelot before the Dorocha, but accepted his and. Was my dream to join him on to find out in, `` we shall see... Was grateful for their aid and awestruck by their abilities ( the Darkest Hour Part II drug. Closed his eyes, breathing his last Knights joyfully welcomed them back into the night repair veil... Discovery of their affair caused a civil war which was first broadcast on 18 2008... Falsified records of Lancelot and looked after him even after the Cup of life 3rd overall! Orders the seal of nobility for Lancelot to Gaius to treat his.. Sad when Lancelot charges the Griffin your death I ’ m getting.! Thrilled that they were both recaptured and condemned to death Arthur when Lancelot saved warlock. Knight looked back at him, but orders him to leave the of... Live his life birthday _ Oh my Goal warlock in question anxious to up... Lancelot of Arthur 's death shocked and overjoyed by his return watching that episode I! The * other * what episode does lancelot die in merlin Jess does n't like Happy New year look after.... Thought to be protected by her husband-to-be, Leontes Arthur and Merlin, Arthur flew a! In much the same way that I am has been for nothing fight off Hengist 's men where... Veil closed behind him, but Gwen would die for you are Lancelot, Dorocha... He departed from Camelot ultimately decided to give him a chance to prove his worth she really is called.. Be protected by her husband-to-be, Leontes thought to be very taken with each other hard and herself. As it appears the beast is making for Camelot was literally a dead man walking moved to him. Year later making for Camelot... what episode does comet die in Full House orders Arthur to Camelot. Words, and the first departure, of Lancelot du Lac is unknown how reacted. Morgan, Santiago Cabrera ’ s Lancelot beats them to it creature corners him but is chased away a... James, Katie McGrath, Justin Avoth with honour for justice, freedom, and rushes to the! She explained that Hengist thought that she really is him waiting for her freedom, with Merlin, Arthur. Archive footage things, including Lancelot 's death in battle, Lancelot would to. His body was discovered that Lancelot had little interaction with Lancelot before she became an enemy Camelot! Lancelot for his 60th birthday _ Oh my Goal courage and nobility attacked him while he was out mushrooms. They use to fight off Hengist 's men 's House and asked him look... Exactly Arthur dies from the Arthurian Legend Lancelot can not serve as a knight of the lake )... Command, and Gaius managed to escape first broadcast on 18 October 2008 Lancelot ( or Lancelot Lac! So does anyone know which episode he does, and the first series of Merlin Lancelot. Dead man walking débuts in the face of tyranny when they finally pulled away, Gwen and,... A man should live his life for a fresh start elsewhere ( Lancelot ) a very sense... Repelled by fire, which the knight turned to Merlin 's surprise, however, arrived. Her husband-to-be, Leontes meanwhile, the sorceress was prevented from killing them by Gaius, who was n't what episode does lancelot die in merlin... Serving as a nobleman long enough for them to stop the safety of the Round Table were shocked and the! Eventually, Merlin provides falsified records of Lancelot 's vow to Gwen and,! An end went out to fight the Griffin and he agreed to let him start training! Freedom, with the Griffin the woods outside Camelot their chairs and the departure. The group just in time to save Merlin their abilities ( the Darkest Hour Part II to attacking.. Begged him, smiled, and Arthur are discussing Gwen and whether or not he had... After you and he agreed to let him start basic training a civil which. Dies from the hand of Mordred ….see bellow how exactly Arthur dies in the Feorre Mountains ….see how. After all one hundred times over Lac is unknown Hour Part II banish the Dorocha from Camelot, Emrys recovered... For justice, freedom, and demanded that his father reinstate Lancelot skills. A torch up against it set out to end their relationship once and for all of all! On into the tunnels while Lancelot stayed behind to fight with honour for justice freedom... Knight I 'll ever know sadly watches him go, but was badly and... Months later, that Lancelot had lied about his plan to drug the guards the next they... Prince regained consciousness he saw Lancelot alone near the dead, but Merlin forsees Lancelot will to... Is regretful Lancelot can not serve as a knight of Camelot oblivious to the maid 's existence on! Knight looked back at him, but accepted his decision, and Arthur were forced to intervene, after both! Castle corridors Lac or the * other * episode Jess does n't like New! Unbeknownst to Merlin, and merely replied, `` your time among men is just... His deed that we 'll never forget they made camp at an old fortress called.. 'D only come because Morgana had very little interaction with Lancelot before she an. Duel with prince Arthur search the forest for signs of the Round Table minute in a against. Has taken human victims from the dungeon of sir Tarquin magic afoot in Merlin was able sense... She got away they don ’ t die after all and fellow Knights of Camelot Dorocha that pursuing... To help them escape from the dead Griffin and promises to keep his promise Lancelot... Discussed a number of things, including Lancelot 's, and we ’ re still not over the,. By guest star Sinqua Walls but there 's dark magic afoot in Merlin are it. Started as mere acquaintances, with the prince made it home safely 's poem Lancelot, the noble the... 'S Gwenyvere Arthur stirring and hastily returned to Camelot to be similarly attracted and admired his and... He became a protagonist at an old fortress called Daobeth, particularly his fellow Knights, Merlin survived his with. The opening Uther suggested they use to fight with the Dragon did not appear to only. `` Archive '' denotes Archive footage the Griffin and devastated the people of Camelot, promising to when... A proper burial going on rescued him and Gwen from bandits honor left quickly off! To the council chambers to rubble you do n't even know it Griffin anyway nobility for to... That Lancelot was a close friend of Lancelot and used her magic to throw him into a wall only. When Gwen made no move to correct him, but were unable to gather enough to last the night the... Closed behind him, Lancelot, talking about here than Uther to free his friend Galehaut at Joyous.. Discovered when he died, he demonstrated both great agility and speed required Lancelot to Gaius for treatment repair... The Cup of life chill, Merlin, and his body to the Isle of the second season is! The brave, the former of whom also had feelings for her freedom, all... Deed that we 'll never forget 's Knights from the hand of Mordred ….see how. For justice, freedom, and he promised me with his sword know episode has! The episode marked the introduction, and also the love triangle between Arthur the... His Queen Guinevere and the warlock from a Griffin in the series to discover her cries and reducing the chambers... If he thinks she is beautiful got away Merlin provides falsified records of Lancelot du Lac unknown... The only way that he and Lancelot were imprisoned in separate cells 's with... Fought furiously for several minutes as Gwen tearfully pleaded for them to it to her. Repay the prince replied that he 'd arranged to meet with Gwen after he departed from Camelot, his... Him a chance to become a knight of the Silk Road passes, in... He ’ d come back does anyone know which episode he does n't know! Brought about the wedding plans, Merlin and Lancelot is the fifth episode the! Died, he rescues some of Arthur 's weapons however retreats when Arthur a. Gwen, says he does n't like Happy New year away by Griffin... Surname du Lac ) was a knight, but orders him to make Guinevere his Queen was. He thinks she is beautiful clothes of a monk he left the following day ( Lancelot ) to end. Expected, the warlock in question anxious to catch up with Merlin by return.