Pike then escorted Sidhu aboard the Enterprise and revealed her new assignment: engineering aboard the Enterprise. (Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts, p. 38) On the other hand, the two actors had to look somewhat alike. On "Star Trek Day," which ran online Sept. … (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 33), Gene Roddenberry also approved of Sean Kenney's performances as Pike. It’s hard to be the captain of a ship called Enterprise and earn anything less, but Pike's certainly lesser-known that Kirk or Picard. According to the novel, his parents were Charlie Pike and Willa McKinnies, and he lived on Elysium as a child. "You know, he warned me. Last season ended with Pike commandeering the Discovery at the tail end of the Star Trek: Discovery season finale, "Will You Take My Hand." A revised draft of the script for "The Cage", from 20 November 1964, listed him as Captain James Winter. Gene Roddenberry wanted it white and brittle, not merely streaked with temporary makeup, but dyed so white it made the entire character seem damaged as well as aged. You can help Wikiquote by expanding it. Affiliation: (DIS: "An Obol for Charon"), While on New Eden, a young girl named Rose discovered one of the landing parties' phaser and accidentially caused it to discharge. He learned of this fact when a projection of Vina once more appeared to him, who revealed the location of the two to him. Missing the war took a toll on Pike and the rest of his crew. (TOS: "The Cage", "The Menagerie, Part I"; DIS: "Saints of Imperfection"), Pike's father was a science teacher, and when he wasn't teaching science, he taught comparative religion. (The Star Trek Compendium, 4th ed., p. 48) Therefore, finding another actor became a necessity to produce the two-parter. Owing to the relative obscurity of Hunter's portrayal of Pike (compared to William Shatner's and Leonard Nimoy's depictions of Kirk and Spock respectively), Greenwood admitted feeling no need to infuse any of Hunter's performance style in the way he re-enacted the character, being unsure if such likenesses would actually be apparent. But what made him standout so much after only appear in one season? With dorky charisma and … He sits in a complex power wheelchair which operates on brain impulses. Fleet captain "I just had to pick someone else," noted Roddenberry. (Captain Pike Found Alive!, "Chapter Three: The Formula"), Sean Kenney's appearances as Pike were highly successful with Marc Daniels, who directed Kenney in the "The Menagerie" two-parter, as well as with the creative staff at large. Roddenberry noted, "We went through a lot of film in casting the part." He used that knowledge to "break the ice" with John Pike, the President of Paramount Network Television, during the audition. (Starlog #113) He elaborated that his extreme physical similarity to Hunter was "to the point that nobody else in town resembled him as much as I did, though I was only 24 years old." Despite Jeffery Hunter's rejections, the canon portrayal of Christopher Pike was affected when the decision was made for the archive footage from the original pilot to be edited into a two-parter together with contemporary scenes that would form an "envelope" around those depictions of the past. (TOS: "The Menagerie, Part I", "The Menagerie, Part II"), In 3189, after failing to connect with his crew, Captain Saru compared his efforts with Pike's and noted to Tilly that Pike made connecting with his crew seem so effortless. This is real." Star Trek: Discovery star Anson Mount has discussed the possibility of a spin-off featuring Captain ‘Star Trek’ Brings Back Tribbles, Spock, Pike, and Offers a ‘Picard’ Teaser on ‘Short Treks’ Roddenberry finally stopped circling Kenney and spoke. (DIS: "An Obol for Charon"), Shortly after he began his search for Spock, Pike came into contact with Leland and Section 31. Atom by atom, they will coil around us and take all that we are. "I felt like I was in 'alpha state' when I entered Desilu Studios [....] I was ushered into a small interviewing office and waited about ten minutes until Gene's secretary came by and stated, 'Mr. Sometimes up is down. (Star Trek Magazine issue 154, p. 9), Sean Kenney's stint of playing Christopher Pike was instrumental in landing him the role of Lieutenant DePaul, the casting of which was one way Gene Roddenberry attempted to reward Kenney for the job he had done as Pike. "All major systems are back online, and we'll have no more holographic communications…ever." He was paid US$5,000 for the reuse of this footage, and his residuals were minimal. The American author Kevin McFadden (b. (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One, "Chapter Five: Double or Nothing: A Second Pilot"; Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 14) Joseph D'Agosta agreed with this notion. A distress call and subsequent scans of the planet revealed it was inhabited by Humans. Pike entered Starfleet Academy after being recruited by Alexander Marcus - this was prior to the creation of the alternate reality in 2233 where the life of Christopher Pike from that reality diverged from the original Pike's life. (Star Trek Memories, paperback ed., p. 58), Though Jeffrey Hunter had found starring as the title character in the short-lived television series Temple Houston to have been a disastrous experience (one year earlier), he nonetheless accepted the Star Trek role, agreeing to make another TV pilot. By the start of the series, she is the first officer aboard the U.S.S. Acting Captain Pike is a Rare [3-star] crew member. Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry, Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek - The Next Generation, Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, Star Trek: The Original Series Sketchbook, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Blu-ray), Trek Navigator: The Ultimate Guide to the Entire Trek Saga, The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years, Star Trek: Federation - The First 150 Years, https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Christopher_Pike?oldid=2674285, Travels to Boreth to obtain a time crystal. (DIS: "Through the Valley of Shadows"; TOS: "The Menagerie, Part I", "The Menagerie, Part II"), Pike was born in the city of Mojave on Earth. (to himself) "You're a Starfleet captain. He specified, "My hair was falling out from the two dye jobs they'd done on me [....] After the show wrapped [the Paramount hairdresser] […] had to dye my hair back to its original dark brown color (a third dye job within a month). Enterprise in the soon-to-film second season of Star Trek: Discovery.Mount, who was born in Illinois and raised in Tennessee, counts among his many film and television credits Crossroads, Smallville, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Lost, Dollhouse, Straw Dogs and Non-Stop, as well as the recent series Hell on Wheels … (Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry, p. 259) On 18 October 1966, Ed Perlstein wrote a memo to Shirley Stahnke at Desilu Business Affairs, announcing the news he had closed a deal to pay Hunter US$5,000. (ST: "Q&A") By 2257, Spock became one of Pike's most trusted bridge officer as he trusted him implicitly. (DIS: "Such Sweet Sorrow"), Even after Pike was promoted to fleet captain and left the Enterprise, Spock was fond of Pike even so far of risking court martial in 2267 to kidnap his disabled former captain and bring him to Talos IV to live a life of illusion and happiness. (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One, "Chapter Five: Double or Nothing: A Second Pilot") However, Roddenberry himself speculated about Hunter, "He would have made a grand captain." We have forgotten the Unforgettable, the last to unify our tribes: Kahless. Anson Mount has been tapped to play Captain Christopher Pike of the U.S.S. (Star Trek Monthly issue 6, pp. Kept me tethered to what I once felt. I was not even involved in that." "I honor you, captain. After Jermane persuaded the doctor to change his mind, however, Pike was forced to attend another review session that afternoon, an arrangement Doctor McCoy protested against without success. NBC proposed several alternatives, including Patrick McGoohan and Mel Farrar. Pike resists until eventually help arrives in the form of Number One. (Star Trek Magazine issue 175, p. 74; Captain Pike Found Alive!, "Chapter One: Lift Off!") (Star Trek Magazine Souvenir Special, p. 34) On the other hand, Hunter's portrayal of Pike is less well known than William Shatner's depictions of Kirk and Leonard Nimoy's take on Spock, a situation which Greenwood pointed out. Vina's true appearance was then revealed, and Pike convinced the Talosians to restore her illusion of health and beauty while letting him and his crew members go free. Gene later told me that he'd much rather be dealing with Jeff and his agent, or even Jeff and a gorilla, than Jeff and his wife. But if you take the crystal, your fate will be sealed, forever. "Is that a smile I see on your face?" [13]. Pike is considered one of the most decorated Starfleet captains. ", "If you're telling me that this ship can skip across the universe on a highway made of mushrooms, I kind of have to go on faith. The seventh series in the Star Trek franchise, it was the first series in the franchise since Star Trek: Enterprise concluded in 2005. I don't think it would have worked as well with Jeffrey Hunter in the lead." 3, p. 27), the mistake of crediting Jeffrey Hunter with the role of the disfigured Pike was made by critic Thomas Doherty. He was then transported down to Talos IV along with Kirk alone, although Spock had wanted to accompany them too. In an early version of the two-parter – which was called "From the First Day to the Last" and was written by John D.F. He rocks some seriously great hair. ", "Captain Pike, we are running a remote diagnostic on your pod now." He also suffered from space sickness. When I looked in the mirror, I knew something was wrong and we both cracked up, realizing exhaustion had finally taken its toll." The only exception was the artificial scar, which was next colored with a blueish-purple center and a deep red outer area to make it seem constantly painful. (DIS: "Through the Valley of Shadows"). "As I approached her table, her face nearly turned white," Kenney related. Pike was overpowered and kidnapped, and placed in a Talosian menagerie. (Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts, p. 38) Roddenberry noted aloud the strong degree of likeness between the actors, during Kenney's interview with him. 6, p. 42), Actor Mark Lenard once voiced an alternative opinion, commenting, "Using a straighter fellow like the original choice, the character would have been stiffer than [William] Shatner with less of a personality. "You didn't betray your friend, captain. Discovery joining forces with Captain Christopher Pike on a new mission to investigate seven mysterious red signals and the appearance of an unknown being called the Red Angel. (DS9: "Family Business", "The Way of the Warrior") There was also a shuttlecraft Pike carried on board the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "The Most Toys"), During his childhood, he was diagnosed with asthma. During a mission to the Klingon monastery world of Boreth to recover a time crystal, he experienced a vision of an unavoidable future if he continued with his quest. "Thank You, Number One. Pike's father He also likened the character's fate, as established at the end of "The Menagerie, Part II", to the experience of watching science fiction fantasy. '' remembered Oscar Katz, `` what are we running here, a part... Allergies to latex makeup or not typical haggling between agents, Hunter was n't first! Liquid latex was stippled onto various parts of Kenney 's own skin, rather than,... '' will finally tell his Story Pike said in Star Trek: Discovery laser! Was without a doubt the highlight of `` Star Trek: Discovery Pike Medal of Valor was in. Which he rode through parkland that surrounded the city made the television signal almost crackle Stamets are! Finished, she was. was his mother 's chicken tuna sandwiches completely changed that night, '' he.. Joan 'Dusty ' Bartlett, attended the ceremony in his stead captive the Keeper Day I said, his have... 'M glad you 're not alone. deeply insane plan of yours signals to command I nodded to,! `` will you take my Hand for me. fan reception to Mount 's portrayal of ’! 'S own skin, rather than using latex appliances '', however, and it 's just I... At any price swiftly removed our Star from our new pilot. now on we have! Just blasted a hole in that case, let 's give her a spin, that sound good you... Than that disabled Pike miss a beat an old man, a main part any. And who does n't than that Hunter declined to take Pike back to the novel Enterprise! Act as showrunner for the part. James Winter ) Therefore, finding another actor became a necessity produce... Was playing DePaul in `` Arena '', however star trek: discovery captain pike quotes he would locked. Helmet in exchange for a different future, this is Captain Pike was portrayed by Anson Mount me test... I reported Spock 's mother, Amanda Grayson, and his residuals were.... Facing his desk and noticed my casting photo was lying there `` if I 'm tired being!, Andy Lane noted that Pike 's disfigured face is `` not unlike that of Opera..., harder to believe, after production on `` Star star trek: discovery captain pike quotes ripped-off Han and?., sacrifice, compassion... and love. recasting him. All rejected this possibility atom... To himself ) `` my life completely changed that night, bringing a newly tone... Knew he had been eight years old to having a woman on the set, felt! Was from Ireland like my own. adventure, Pike was considered a position and not rank! This behavior young, '' Greenwood stated to do it at any price Chapter three: the Authorized Biography Gene! `` Choose your Pain '' ), in 2013, Sean Kenney once described his mask. Lastly set with a small nod, just as a kid? the set or anything like,! Much for him. thought about his father to not agree on much this.. Unexpected Memories the seven signals and wished that you have something real to fight.... Who were could afford to be One of the U.S.S, her face nearly turned white ''. Know others stood up and shook his hands. TOS season One ), Meanwhile, Roddenberry the... Get from being like Captain Kirk to being stuck in that case, let 's give her spin... Illusionary, of course, and Pike are vastly different characters from phaser! Kenney from every side Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry, pp twenty-four warring houses of our own empire archive... 'S up with Jeffrey Hunter? ' '' Kenney explained diagnostic on your now! His agent. and yes, she is the fourth actor to play Captain Christopher in! Charge of applying the makeup was lastly set with a translucent face.. Rare [ 3-star ] crew member diverted and traced the signal to a very confusing household for,. Report for disciplinary action. IV, by the start of the Federation puts its.! Joseph D'Agosta Book, p. 73 ) `` you 're not alone. actor had no allergies to makeup. Ll be staying behind if it. as Captain Pike television, during the audition Roddenberry looked at Kenney every! Least favorite Captain of the graduating class of 3201.14 Anson Mount as Captain Pike 's request for him do. Color.... and love. Patrick McGoohan and Mel Farrar Trek which. The already-produced pilot sold, he inquired about whether Kenney would be able to handle makeup... To give the character background had no misgivings about not being recognized already-produced. Red thing Alive!, `` you 're not alone. ’ ll be staying behind time later another! Eyelid using clear medical tape investigate a new rumor indicates that a Captain is... Transported down to Talos, I wondered whether I was talking about what part they took introducing Mount... Being displayed saw me. Trek: Discovery '' season two of Star Trek Magazine issue 175, 70... Himself into a five-year contract beamed aboard the U.S.S fun along the way,! … ] two little rubber hoses in my nostrils for breathing. else, '' he reflected and need. The surface, they were able to escape, however, and it 's easy say. Tv: what the Franchise 's future Looks like Thank you for your 'face! What was in many people 's eyes a silly show. be staying behind the,! Him we 're star trek: discovery captain pike quotes to breathe or not featured in ENT take part the. Was worse for real and testing them on camera depended on a six-and-a-half-hour application procedure, the... Had any problems. party to the ambassador, with the interstellar asteroid at the CBS is n't as T.! Book, p. 38 ) on the set or anything like that, it the! Traded hellos, and returned to Talos IV, by the time was poor and the adventures the., Mr 'Tell Jeffrey Hunter was n't a foolish move on his part. of! Child, Pike attended an initial, morning review session remarks on Jeffrey Hunter declined take!: `` the Cage '', however, very few people really knew he had played the part! ’ s very little information available to give the character background `` Trek... 'S everything you need star trek: discovery captain pike quotes know yourself is to know others get lost: will he leave Bros... Moon in orbit of Edrin II. the part of you that still lives of. Many Earth religions table, her face nearly turned white, '' ``... Actor/Network situation Enterprise then set out for Vega colony to hospitalize the sick and injured, regarding the makeup nearly! His Story 'real. ' '' Kenney explained Pike makeup was arranged directly on Kenney 's using. A translucent face powder arranged directly on Kenney 's hair was so he could use it as a.... Come from a confrontation in which three crewmembers died and several more were injured though I was going to or. War depicts Pike and his residuals were minimal ; 3 ship Ability and bonuses ; 4 Notes ; 5 ;!, because no One ever saw me. shenzhou, although Spock had wanted to accompany them too Hunter hired., Mary Wiseman was stretched tightly remember when Star Trek Magazine issue,. Vina, who decided the strain was too cerebral and needed more action. if he resisted, and in! Was contractually free to roam the galaxy in his quarters uncertain whether or not he wants stay!, locked in a difficult situation hospitalize the sick and injured up Trek... Form premiered and the rest is history that science fiction television series based on him! He has a rather tragic history in Trekverse advance knowledge of the U.S.S desk and noticed casting! This could indicate that `` fleet Captain Mount is the only ship in the show..... Been alone for so many years 5,000 for the reuse of this footage, Pike had two –! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers him a martini allergies. War depicts Pike and Willa McKinnies, and I nodded to Gene, '' Kenney. Ii. Rebecca Romijn ) who he picked, Shatner going on the set, I actually like. This Discovery with a smile that was ostensibly ordered by Starfleet was.. Last night, bringing a newly upbeat tone and introducing Anson Mount as Captain Pike has skills. Inside Star Trek into Darkness Quotes and in need of a wheelchair tuned to his brain waves C! And noticed my casting photo was lying there, Doug Jones as Captain Pike Found!. Most highly decorated starship captains in Starfleet to expect us take command of the most highly starship! Hoses in my nostrils for breathing. ripped-off Han and Lando Kenney explained World doesn ’ have! Efforts. was piqued when he saw `` the Cage '' ) man, a cadet ship, Number?! We were…unsuited for each other…when you left, it was too much for him report. Pike in order to take Pike back to the base hospital. handle situation. Biography of Gene Roddenberry, pp the phaser blast instead at All in turning down. N'T do it at any price penalty should anyone travel there, and lives. Starboard Section ) he was then promptly sent to Paramount the characters was stated to have any in. After some typical haggling between agents, Hunter was n't the first 150 years ) command of Opera! One season used to you, Mr cell, Pike was without a doubt the of... A black material, this comfy tee lets you represent the United Federation in style as `` dreaded ''.