: I noticed that his face had turned red and he disguised it by taking off his monocle and cleaning off imaginary dust from it. The look in his eye list of example sentences with look in his eye. Sometimes it's a certain smell or something that catches his eye, he said. Wine is mirror of the mind. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. It sounds more natural if you use the same determiners in the sentence.|@lanh1reba “It is a movie that engages both the eye and the mind” sounds more natural. Are you fooled by this amazing photo gallery of mind-bending 3D illusions? Developers and the government may not always see eye to eye but they agree on the need to provide affordable housing for key workers. Zeman decided to find out what … 12 How is his mind’s eye described and what does this mean? And had done to them. : I noticed a glint of silver on his finger and recognized the other ring. The notion of a "mind's eye" goes back at least to Cicero's reference to mentis oculi during his discussion of the orator's appropriate use of simile.. I saw a man at the close of day. News. notion. Mind's eye in a sentence (1) She paused, imagining the scene in her mind's eye. In one's imagination or memory. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences Quotes ... We see with our eyes many people doing mind-numbingly boring jobs and assume that is all they are capable of doing. The eye is blind if the mind is absent. "The Dallas Slasher" or "The Dallas Ripper", was a serial killer and enucleator who killed at least three women in the 1990s. The man was a 65-year-old building surveyor known as MX who reported losing his mind’s eye after heart surgery. The earliest appearance of the term is found in the ninth-century Old English translation of the Latin Cura pastoralis attributed to Alfred the Great.. 4. His eyes see intoour minds (whose) join the sentences by using relative pronounce… 1. The doctor ran his eye over it. Definition of in his mind's eye in the Idioms Dictionary. Standing in the grocery door. Definition of in my mind's eye in the Idioms Dictionary. Karen watched carefully, mapping out the traffic in her mind’s eye, making sure she didn’t veer out of her narrow lanes or crash into the broken-down SUVs on the side of the road. He feels sorry for Claudius. : She had an eagle eye, an aquiline nose, an eagle flounce, and an eagle heart. Inside and out, the attention to detail is meticulous and the interior finished in high-quality grey nappa leather. Here are some examples. Its described a wondering, which means he's on loc for the next opportunity. eyes example sentences. anilapatel51963 anilapatel51963 08.08.2020 English Secondary School +5 pts. The author Geoffrey Chaucer referred to it in his work titled The Man of Law’s Tale. When the handmaids speak to each other, they are encouraged to use the phrase, "under his eye" as a constant reminder of the fact that "he" is always watching everything they do and day. Near rhymes Synonyms / Related [Mentions] Phrase rhymes Definitions Significant mentions of minds eye : In the mirror On the castle wall In the graveyard Correct! : Her eyes widened a bit when she saw that the room was colored a light pink with dashes of dark purple and black here and there around the room. in your mind's eye definition: 1. in your imagination or memory: 2. in your imagination or memory: . The concept of us having an 'eye in our mind' is ancient and dates back to at least the 14th century, when Chaucer used it in The Man of Law's Tale, circa 1390: " It were with thilke eyen of his mynde, With whiche men seen, after that they been blynde." the hypothetical site of visual recollection or imagination In her mind's eye she saw the city as it had been in Caesar's time Most material © 2005, 1997, 1991 by Penguin Random House LLC.