Microsoft has 144,000 employees. First, Microsoft had sold a share of its brands and copyrights to its subsidiary in Puerto Rico. [3] Hotmail, a free webmail service founded in 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia,[4] had more than 8.5 million subscribers earlier that month.[5]. Established on April 4, 1975 to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800, Microsoft rose to dominate the home computer operating system market with MS-DOS in the mid-1980s, followed by the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. [1] Microsoft has subsequently acquired over 225 companies, purchased stakes in 64 companies, and made 25 divestments. InXile Entertainment, Inc. Microsoft Caribbean, Inc. Aug 15, 2020. Lists of corporate acquisitions and mergers, "Hotmail prodigy is a sizzling millionaire", "Jeremy Jaech enters the corporate world of Microsoft", "Microsoft to buy Aquantive for $6 billion", "Microsoft's Fast Search And Transfer Lays Out Product Roadmap", "Microsoft to Announce Skype Acquisition Early Tomorrow Morning | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD", "Skype price raises fears of new tech bubble", "Microsoft Agrees to Buy Skype for $8.5 Billion to Add Web Calls", "Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Chooses Microsoft Windows Phone OS Over Android — John Paczkowski — D9", "The Next Chapter: An open letter from Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop", "Microsoft buys Nokia's Devices and Services Unit, unites Windows Phone 8 and its hardware maker", "Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion", "LinkedIn + Microsoft: Our Next Play Begins", "Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion | Stories", "COMPANY NEWS; Microsoft Buys Software Unit", "Microsoft Corp acquires Consumers Software Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Fox Software Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Altamira Software Corp", "Microsoft Corp acquires One Tree Software", "Microsoft Corp acquires RenderMorphics Ltd", "Microsoft Corp acquires Network Managers PLC", "Microsoft Corp acquires Blue Ribbon SoundWorks Ltd", "Microsoft Corp acquires Bruce Artwick Organization", "Microsoft Corp acquires Vermeer Technologies", "Fox Software Inc acquires VGA-Animation Software Div from VGA", "Microsoft Corp acquires Colusa Software Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Aspect Software Engineering", "Microsoft Corp acquires Electric Gravity Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Panorama Software Sys-On-Line from Panorama Software Systems", "Microsoft Corp acquires NetCarta Corp(CMG Information) from CMGI Inc", "Microsoft Acquires Interse: Interse to Provide Key Technology to Microsoft's Web Site Solution", "Microsoft Corp acquires remaining interest in WebTV Networks Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Dimension X Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Cooper & Peters Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires LinkAge Software Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Hotmail Corp(Microsoft Corp)", "Microsoft Investor Relations — Acquisitions History", "Microsoft company and contact information", "Microsoft Corp acquires FireFly Network Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Valence Research Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires LinkExchange(TM) Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires FASA Interactive Inc from Virtual Worlds Entertainment", "Microsoft Corp acquires Numinous Technologies Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Interactive Objects-Digital from Asia Pacific Chem Engineering", "Microsoft Corp acquires Jump Networks Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires ShadowFactor Software Inc", "Microsoft buys Intrinsa, a test-tool developer", "Microsoft Corp launches a tender offer for Sendit AB", "Microsoft Corp Acquires Zoomit Corp from Pretty Good Privacy Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Softway Systems Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Titus Communications Corp from AT&T Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Bungie Software", "Microsoft Corp acquires Pacific Microsonics Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Great Plains Software Inc", "Microsoft Great Plains acquires Intellisol International Inc from Intellisol International Inc", "Microsoft Reaches Agreement to Acquire Ensemble Studios", "Microsoft Corp acquires NCompass Labs Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Maximal Intelligence", "Expedia Inc acquires Classic Custom Vacations from Global Vacation Group Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Sales Management Systems", "Microsoft Corp launches a tender offer for Navision A/S", "Wireless Knowledge LLC acquires Mobilocity Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Connectix Corp-Assets", "Microsoft to Acquire Antivirus Technology From GeCAD Software", "Microsoft Corp acquires 3DO Co-High Heat Baseball from 3DO Co", "Microsoft Business Solutions acquires Encore Bus Solutions-IP Asts from Encore Business Solutions Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires ActiveViews Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires GIANT Co Software Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Groove Networks Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Tsinghua-Shenxun-Cert Asts from Tsinghua-Shenxun Science", "Microsoft Corp acquires Sybari Software Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires FrontBridge Technologies Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires AG", "Microsoft Corp acquires UMT-Software and IP Assets from UMT", "Microsoft Corp acquires MotionBridge SA", "Microsoft Corp acquires Seadragon Software", "Microsoft Game Studios acquires Lionhead Studios", "Microsoft Corp acquires AssetMetrix Corp", "Microsoft Corp acquires DeepMetrix Corp", "Microsoft Corp acquires ProClarity Corp", "Microsoft Corp acquires iView Multimedia Ltd", "Microsoft Corp acquires Winternals Software LP", "Microsoft Corp acquires Whale Communications Ltd", "Microsoft Corp acquires DesktopStandard Corp", "Microsoft Corp acquires devBiz Business Solutions LLC", "Microsoft Corp acquires Tellme Networks Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Savvis Inc-Data Centers(2) from Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe", "Microsoft Corp acquires Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Global Care Solutions-Assets from Global Care Solutions SA", "Avanade Inc acquires HOB Business Solutions A/S", "Openwave executes definitive agreement with microsoft", "Microsoft Corp acquires Multi Media Mapping Ltd", "Microsoft Corp acquires Calista Technologies Inc", "Microsoft Corp acquires Caligari Corporation", "Microsoft Corp acquires 90 Degree Software", "Microsoft Corp launches a tender offer for Fast Search & Transfer ASA", "Avanade Belgium Sprl acquires Quadreon NV", "Microsoft Reaches for Clouds and Deepens Mobile Possibilities With Planned MobiComp Acquisition", "Microsoft to Acquire Greenfield Online Including Its European Subsidiary Ciao, a Leading European Price Comparison and Shopping Site", "Microsoft Corporation will acquire Rosetta Biosoftware", "Microsoft acquires Interactive Supercomputing", "Microsoft Completes Acquisition of Healthcare Software Provider Sentillion - Stories", "Canesta Announces Definitive Agreement To Be Acquired By Microsoft", "Microsoft acquiring Prodiance, ERM software specialists", "Microsoft buys Office security solution",, "Microsoft Acquires Video Content Discovery Company VideoSurf", "With Its $100M Acquisition Of VideoSurf, Microsoft's Video Search Now Has Big Potential", "Microsoft buys Internet startup Yammer for $1.2 billion", "Microsoft to Acquire Perceptive Pixel Inc", "Microsoft buys authentication vendor PhoneFactor", "Microsoft acquires cloud-storage appliance vendor StorSimple", "Microsoft buys marketing-automation firm MarketingPilot", "Microsoft to deliver Windows 10 updates using peer-to-peer technology", "Microsoft acquires cloud monitor MetricsHub", "Microsoft buys into multi-lingual social analytics with Netbreeze acquisition — Tech News and Analysis", "Microsoft Acquires InCycle's Release Management Service InRelease To Improve Its Team Foundation Server", "Big Compute for Microsoft Azure – Announcing the Acquisition of GreenButton", "Big Microsoft acquires mobile analysis and boosting platform Capptain, good news for app developers", "Microsoft acquires SyntaxTree, creator of UnityVS plugin for Visual Studio", "Microsoft acquires disaster recovery solutions firm InMage to strengthen Azure", "Microsoft's Objective-C tech started on BlackBerryOS, Tizen", "Microsoft to acquire Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5B", "Microsoft aquires machine learning security company Aorato", "Microsoft acquires Acompli, provider of innovative mobile email apps", "Microsoft Acquires Text Analysis Service Equivio", "Microsoft Acquires Revolution Analytics To Bolster Its Analytics Services", "Microsoft reportedly acquires N-Trig, Israeli creators of the Surface Pro 3 stylus", "Microsoft acquires and shutters powerpoint collaboration startup liveloop", "Microsoft Acquires Datazen, A Leader In Mobile Business Intelligence And Data Visualization", "Microsoft Buys To-Do List App Maker, Purchase of Wunderlist is part of effort to enhance its line of mobile apps", "Microsoft acquires BlueStripe to help customers improve application visibility and management across the datacenter and cloud", "Microsoft to acquire FieldOne Systems, expanding Dynamics business in mobile customer service", "Microsoft buys Israeli cloud security co Adallom for $320m, With its development center in Tel Aviv, the cyber security company has raised $49.5 million to date", "Microsoft buys cloud-security vendor Adallom | ZDNet", "Microsoft acquires sales gamification vendor Incent Games, Microsoft is adding another CRM-related acquisition to its stable with its purchase of Incent Games, a vendor of a sales-gamification platform", "Microsoft acquires people analytics startup VoloMetrix, will integrate organizational tech into Office 365", "Microsoft quietly bought another popular Android app", "Adxstudio Acquired by Microsoft for Web Customer Engagement", "Microsoft just bought a startup that can automatically track how far you drive", "Microsoft to acquire data protection firm Secure Islands. This estimate is based upon 3 Microsoft Corporate Vice President salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. Microsoft shares outstanding for the quarter ending September 30, 2020 were 7.637B, a 0.95% decline year-over-year. The deal will be used to bolster Microsoft's Azure Rights Management Service", "Microsoft Acquires Big Data Startup Metanautix", "Microsoft buys Ray Ozzie's Talko to bolster Skype, will shutter service in 2016 But Ray Ozzie isn't sticking around", "Microsoft invests in new and expanded version of 'Minecraft' for the classroom", "Microsoft taps into AI with SwiftKey app acquisition", "Microsoft acquires SwiftKey in support of re-inventing productivity ambition", "Microsoft officially acquires Zikera's Groove app for iOS", "Microsoft to acquire Xamarin and empower more developers to build apps on any device", "Breaking: Microsoft acquires Xamarin, a leading platform provider for mobile app development", "Microsoft Agrees to Acquire Xamarin Inc. Deal reflects efforts to increase Microsoft software's presence on devices beyond those that run Windows", "Microsoft is buying mobile tool vendor Xamarin", "Microsoft acquires Solair to help customers harness the power of the Internet of Things", "Microsoft acquires Wand Labs to accelerate innovation in Bing intelligence and Conversation as a Platform", "Xbox Live gets more social with Microsoft's Beam buy", "Microsoft acquires gaming startup Beam run by 18-year-old", "Microsoft Closes Acquisition of LinkedIn", "Microsoft acquires deep learning startup Maluuba; AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio to have advisory role", "Microsoft acquires 3D optimization service Simplygon", "Microsoft to acquire Deis to help companies innovate with containers", "Microsoft to acquire Intentional Software to expand future productivity capabilities", "Microsoft confirms it has acquired Israeli cybersecurity startup Hexadite to bring AI to Windows 10 enterprise security", "Microsoft confirms Cloudyn acquisition, sources say price is between $50M and $70M", "Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing to accelerate Big Computing in the cloud", "Microsoft Just Bought a Virtual Reality Company to Challenge Facebook", "Microsoft acqui-hires cinemagraphic photo app Swng", "Microsoft to acquire Avere Systems, accelerating high-performance computing innovation for media and entertainment industry and beyond", "Microsoft acquires PlayFab, accelerating game development innovation in the cloud - The Official Microsoft Blog", "Microsoft acquires Semantic Machines, advancing the state of conversational AI - The Official Microsoft Blog", "Mehr Xbox-Exklusivtitel: Microsoft kauft vier Studios, darunter Hellblade-Entwickler", "Welcoming Flipgrid to the Microsoft family |", "Microsoft to acquire Bonsai in move to build 'brains' for autonomous systems", "Microsoft buys Lobe, a small start-up that makes it easier to build A.I.