Porthos and his brothers were born to a female dog owned by the mother of one of Archer's ex-girlfriends. Commander Dolum: How unfortunate. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Porthos?oldid=2675360. Prada (ENT Season 1),Breezy, and Windy, Porthos was Captain Jonathan Archer's pet Beagle. Porthos has died, but it's not quite what you're thinking. He licked around his mouth a few times before Archer lifted him down to the floor so that the captain could speak to the officers. For a list view, go to List of episodes. (ENT: \"Unexpected\", \"Cold Front\") Porthos whimpered and complained to the captain if he missed any of his meals. Archer stays overnight in sickbay to look after his dog with Doctor Phlox ( John Billingsley ) knowing that afterwards he must take … Captain: Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) United Earth Starfleet's Enterprise is the main setting of Star Trek: Enterprise (2001–2005). Status: While Phlox was the acting captain of Enterprise, he bonded with Porthos to a significant degree, and took time to make a casual study of Human-canine interaction. Known for the 'coldest beer on the ICW", the location has been a favorite of locals and visitors alike for over 25 years. Phlox diagnosed Porthos as having mild gastrointestinal distress. The away team assumed that they had accidentally offended the Kreetassans and the captain was irritated by the aliens' hypersensitivity but ultimately complied with their request and left the planet with his officers and Porthos. by Alexandre Dumas, père. On the shuttlepod back to Enterprise, Porthos climbed half-way up Lieutenant Malcolm Reed's leg, sniffing and licking his limb. Commander Dolum: I wasn't aware of that. That night, Archer read The Teachings of Surak on the balcony while Porthos lay on a chair next to the captain's seat with his head resting on his paws. Porthos barked in distress as Archer fell to the deck and Silik left the room. Keyla picked her own dog up and stated that she hoped her pet had caused Archer's dog no harm. Muk picked the dog up from off Archer's bed and held him in mid-air while Grish left with another Ferengi marauder named Ulis. psychonaut February 25, 2010, 12:53pm #5. Along with Shran, Ambassador Soval, and Daniels, Porthos is one of only four characters, outside of the main ones, to appear in all four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise. Played by: Archer To Take His Dog Into Space By Christian July 16, 2001 - 7:34 PM. Once the Suliban had gone, Porthos whined while he scampered over to Archer's fallen body and licked the captain's face. As Phlox left Porthos, he stated that he was going to find Chef. (ENT: "Unexpected"). However, Captain Archer of the very first Enterprise brought his dog Porthos with him everywhere including the historic first voyage of the Federation's flagship. Porthos remained with Archer throughout Archer's entire tenure as Captain of the Enterprise, often going where no dog had gone before. He stirred as Archer answered a call from Commander Tucker. Captain Archer: In the novelization of The Expanse, it is said that Porthos was originally given to Archer from Becky's mother, having been bred as part of one of her prize litters, and that she was also responsible for naming the dog (as well as his brothers). The captain, however, did not understand the warning until after the anomaly had passed through his desk. (ENT: "Cold Front") The dog was fond of cheese, although it occasionally caused him to visit Dr. Phlox (in sickbay) for gastrointestinal distress. Captain Archer : [to Vulcan Captain] I know how you must feel. The “goods” that the Orion interceptors sought from the NX-0... T'Pol shares her future marriage plans with Trip. As T'Pol talked with Archer, Porthos climbed half-way up her leg, wagging his tail excitedly. Don't forget Captain Archer has a beagle called Porthos. T'Pol compared Porthos to a domesticated sehlat she had kept as a pet in her youth but Archer reminded her that, unlike the seemingly aggressive sehlat, Porthos would not try to eat the captain if he was late with the dog's dinner. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. According to Dr… The doctor advised Archer to learn how to deny Porthos what he wanted. A 22nd-century beagle, Porthos is Captain Archer's closest companion and confidant. In the captain's ready room, Porthos lay with his head on the floor but his legs and torso resting on a mat, while Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker talked with Captain Archer. While the captain stroked behind the dog's head, he apologized for bothering Phlox. Captain Archer: I'll bet you didn't know this, but at one time, most of my world was ruled by reptiles. By subscribing to the Star Trek newsletter, which may include personalized offers from our advertising partners, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy. Liana did not understand what a dog was, as she had never seen one and the word had no equivalent in the Kantare language. The team from Enterprise then decided to separate, with Porthos joining Archer, Tucker, and Ensign Mayweather. The reason Scotty is marooned on Delta Vega is because he used "Admiral Archer's" prize beagle in a transporter experiment. They soon began to leave the area and Porthos followed them back to the shuttlepod. These were still in use in Season 3 and one appeared in "Twilight". Janeway, under the advisement of a drunk Tuvok, named Project 69-Beta - Captain Archer., named Project 69-Beta - Captain Archer. Archer arrives back on Enterprise just as the recovered Somraw hails. The captain relayed the news to Porthos, telling the dog that he was no longer allowed dairy products. Due to strict welfare rules governing the use of animals on television and the expense of regularly having a dog on set, a couple of prop dogs were constructed early in the series to stand in for the real animals. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from … After watching a promotional video for the luxury airship Excelsior, the captain, Captain Lammers, hopes that ISIS can discover who made an anonymous bomb threat. The following is an episode guide for Archer. I've recently attempted to watch the entire Enterprise series on Hulu, and I find myself hating Captain Archer more and more as the series progresses. Captain Archer's famous beagle tends to have a craving for forbidden cheese. In this episode, after visiting the planet Kreetassa, Captain Archer's (Scott Bakula) dog Porthos falls ill with an unknown pathogen. Species: Porthos also moved agitatedly when Daniels, an operative from the future, suddenly appeared in the room. Your password must include at least 8 characters with a combination of upper/lower case, number and symbol. Archer rubbed behind the dog's ears and assured Porthos that Chef had promised to include six kinds of cheese. Klingon Targs Multiple Episodes, Multiple Series 1987-2001. (ENT: "The Forge"), Porthos later met Danica Erickson in Archer's quarters aboard Enterprise. (ENT: "Strange New World"), Archer later fed Porthos dog food while talking with Commander Tucker using subspace communication, as the engineer was aboard a damaged Xyrillian starship. After "Two Days and Two Nights", Breezy and another female beagle named Windy took over the role. Porthos barked and Archer reprovingly uttered the animal's name, but the dog kept growling. > During the apology ceremony, Archer wears what appears to be the bottom half only of a standard uniform jumpsuit. (ENT: "Zero Hour"), After Captain Archer was found alive and Enterprise returned to Earth, the captain and T'Pol were chased by a wild sehlat on Vulcan. Brannon Braga, the co-creator and former executive producer of Star Trek: Enterprise, took to Twitter last night and tweeted the following: "The real life Porthos -- my nephew's dog -- passed away last week.". Brannon Braga ultimately came to the decision that all of the viewers and production personnel had grown to like or accept Porthos. The dog was still lying on the cushion after T'Pol left. Archer rubbed Porthos behind his ears and resumed the log. She can be a real pain-in-the-ass. Thanks to Phlox's skills, Porthos made a full recovery. When confronted with this discovery, Keyla knocked Archer unconscious and disappeared. A Royal Navy ship’s captain raped a drunken cadet on two occasions after boozy nights out, a court martial heard. Archer told Porthos that he wasn't getting any cheese as the captain gave him a bowl of dog food. Soval, with his newfound respect for Forrest comforts Archer on the loss of his friend. A was an archer, and shot at a frog, B was a butcher, who kept a bull dog; C was a captain all cover'd with lace, D was a drunkard, who had a red face; E was an esquire, with pride on his brow, F was a farmer, who followed the Most of the reptiles died out. If you read that too quickly, it sounds as if the dog that played Porthos died. (Paramount-TV, 2001-05) This incredibly realistic prop is Captain Archer's Pet Beagle, Porthos. Occupation: Time for you to go home.” The beagle jumped down and obediently trotted after the officer. In 2370, Commander William T. Riker watched a re-enactment of this scene in a holodeck aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Porthos sat beside the captain on a large seat, wagging his tail. He looked up at the ceiling before licking the point of his nose as he quickly moved off the cushion. Well how about Porthos the space beagle who accompanied Captain Archer w no dog had gone before!!!! He was desperately attempting to acquire a piece of cheese that the captain was holding. Jonathan Archer As Archer lifted Porthos down to the floor, the captain thanked Phlox. Despite being born in upstate New York, (ENT: \"North Star\", \"Storm Front\") Archer variously claimed to have lived \"all\" or \"most\" of his life prior to 2151 in San Francisco. Porthos was also featured in a deleted scene from ENT: "Similitude". (ENT: "Divergence"). Cats were allowed at least as recently as World War II. (ENT: "Fight or Flight", "Dear Doctor"). When the captain heard his front door chime, he picked Porthos up in his arms. The captain realized that Porthos was either missing Phlox or depressed by the fact that the doctor had a stash of cheese in sickbay. After T'Pol entered, she smelled a scent that disgusted her and glanced at Porthos, realizing that the dog was producing the repulsive odor. Captain Archer: A comet hit around 65 million years ago caused a mass extinction. Enter the email address associated with your account and we'll send you a link to reset your password. The group left from the captain's quarters and traveled through a corridor to an intercom that Tucker calibrated. The now-revived captain orders Archer to surrender as punishment for violating his ship. Porthos followed when Archer and Tucker resumed their journey through the corridor. It took some doing, but with the help of renowned dog whisperer Dr. Kay Nyne, we were finally able to land the following exclusive conversation with Porthos. Archer looked round to see the dog sitting upright, wagging his tail and gazing expectantly at the captain. Archer also carried the Vulcan Sur… In engineering, he told her about T'Pol, Phlox, and Porthos. The dog ran beside the Humans as they leisurely explored the planet. Archer faces him down, noting that his ship is damaged and freshly out of torpedoes. He then carried Porthos to the door, where he met Keyla, the owner of the other dog. The captain's emotional attachment to Porthos was evident before leaving Enterprise for a Cabal vessel. Letting your dog pee anywhere is not cool. Archer was crazy about the dog and was the first person she called after the dog got pregnant. On the way down to the planet, the vacationing officers discussed their plans for the next two days. Known for the 'coldest beer on the ICW", the location has been a favorite of locals and visitors alike for over 25 years. After the captain ended his conversation with the engineer, he looked at Porthos and declared that he doubted the supposed evidence that his time aboard Enterprise had been nothing but a dream. In 2161, shortly before Enterprise was decommissioned, Porthos was in Archer's quarters while the captain and T'Pol discussed a final meal for the crew that Chef was preparing. As Archer was believed to have died aboard the Xindi weapon, Porthos seemed extremely saddened and refused to taste the food presented to him. Powerless to argue, the … Captain Archer regularly provided Porthos with dog food. Archer began to ask the beagle what was wrong as he reached for the light but stopped in mid-sentence when he realized he had been transported to an entirely different time and location: Earth, ten months into the past, to the night before Archer and Tucker's inspection by pod of Enterprise prior to launch for another test flight. “The name of Zefram Cochrane is revered throughout the known... Presenting The United Federation of Planets, 2184, President... An email will not be created automatically. (ENT: "Silent Enemy"). Captain Archer is a physically capable man excelling at unarmed combat, piloting and weapons use. Although Targs are also hunted by Klingons for sport and food, many … (ENT: "Doctor's Orders"), Phlox again looked after Porthos when Archer and the rest of the Enterprise crew had to be rendered comatose while the ship traversed a region of space affected by a transdimensional disturbance. Corey has 1 job listed on their profile. C was a Captain, all covered with lace, D was a Drummer, and had a red face. He was the first to exit the shuttlepod, bounding out of the craft and racing across the grassy surface of the planet, essentially wasting no time in going – as Commander Tucker put it – "where no dog has gone before". But yeah, Archer made no sense in this episode. Of those four, Porthos is the only one to appear in more than one episode of each season. Managerial style: Archer’s chill, which is both his greatest strength as a leader and occasionally his greatest weakness.A former Boy Scout, lifelong water-polo enthusiast, and caring dog … CBS Entertainment | This site and its contents ® & © 2020 CBS Studios Inc. © 2020 CBS Television Distribution and CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Borderlands 3 Main article: Dynasty Diner Prior to the July 23 2020 patch, Archer Rowe was a non-respawnable enemy. Modern hunting dogs are very popular and loyal dogs among all dogs. However, the captain ultimately gave into the dog's pleas. Archer told Porthos to "hold that thought" before answering an incoming hail from Section 31 operative Harris. Although Enterprise's resident dog was male, a female beagle named Breezy was used for these episodes as she had a more playful nature than Prada did. Trip fell into step beside Malcolm. Somebody’s been watching Crimson Tide. While later visiting the re-creation of the NX-class Enterprise with Counselor Deanna Troi, Riker recalled that Archer had owned a dog. After the customary However, it should also be noted that Porthos appeared to chew the leeches before swallowing; presumably in order to perform their cleansing function, the leeches needed to be alive and undamaged. Phlox was also amused by Archer's habit of anthropomorphizing and even talking to Porthos, although the doctor was fairly certain that the dog could not understand English. Shortly thereafter, Captain Archer took Porthos to see Dr. Phlox. (ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights"). [3]. Archer added that the dog had as big an appetite. Unknown to the members of the away team, Porthos was infected with a deadly pathogen on the planet. Rick Berman later recalled the casting sessions for the role of Porthos as the most fun of the necessary auditions before filming could begin. View Corey Archer’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. He told Phlox that the doctor would never have to look after Porthos again. (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay", "These Are the Voyages..."), Porthos lived with Archer on Earth in mid-2150. She saved my life once too. What Braga was actually saying, though, was that the dog after which Porthos was named has died. Archer paused the log entry to reproachfully remind Porthos that he had previously suffered problems digesting cheddar cheese. Just before Erickson left the ship, she asked Archer to say goodbye to Porthos for her. This was stored in foil-wrapped packets that Archer poured into a bowl and gave to the dog. Captain Archer has certainly met all three of these people. After failing to lock onto the dog's language, Grish's cohort, Muk, deduced that Porthos was a lower lifeform and called Grish a fool. But how do you choose the best name for your dog? After the group had waited for twelve hours, the Kreetassans instructed them to return to Enterprise. His dog travelled back in time to save his life. He tucked one leg under him and lay back down. But there was one interview that had eluded us, until now: Porthos, Captain Archer’s beloved beagle on Enterprise. Following Archer's recovery, the captain and Commander Tucker took Porthos for a walk in September of 2151. It is very important to choose wisely hunting dog names whether it is a male or female dog.. Great hunting dog name reflected these characteristics like … (ENT: "Affliction") In Archer's quarters, the captain tried to comfort a miserable Porthos, who lay on Archer's bed. A frustrated Captain Archer returns from the planet only to be further upset to find that his dog Porthos, has been affected by a pathogen native to the world. (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay"), Archer also brought Porthos along when the Enterprise embarked on the search for the Xindi weapon. Although Muk suspected that the animal was probably the captain's next meal, Grish argued that the size of the dog's ears suggested otherwise. This scene was immediately before one that was not only in the script but is also in the final edit of the installment, in which Porthos is treated to some cheese Archer gives him in Enterprise's galley. Porthos jumped to catch the cheese in midair and gratefully chewed the snack. Porthos later lay on his side atop the cushion next to Archer's bed as the captain played with a yellow ball and a game of water polo was shown on the nearby computer monitor. She apologized to Archer for her pet's intrusion before he allowed her to retrieve the animal. When Archer moved aboard Enterprise in April of 2151, he took Porthos with him. Captain Archer, rather than line the ship with the concoction (lethal to T'Pol), stored it in a locker in the cargo bay. Porthos is indirectly referenced in Star Trek, when Montgomery Scott mentions "Admiral Archer's prized Beagle". (ENT: "Fallen Hero"), On February 12th, Archer recorded a log entry concerning the crew's forthcoming shore leave on Risa. You can say that it was because of human kind's inexperience in deep space, and before the advancements in … Explore latest menu with photos and reviews. (ENT: "Unexpected", "Cold Front") Porthos whimpered and complained to the captain if he missed any of his meals. Porthos waiting for Archer, Tucker, and Mayweather on the planet later known as Archer IV, When Archer whistled for the dog to return, Porthos obediently rushed back to the captain and his officers. (ENT: "Fight or Flight"). (ENT: \"Cold Front\") The dog was fond of cheese, although it occasionally caused him to visit Dr. Phlox (in sickbay) for gastrointestinal distress. Had a great day on the water with Capt Travis. (ENT: "Twilight"). Archer held Porthos in his hands and started to gently rub the dog as he asked T'Pol if there was something wrong. Archer had readied himself for bed and dressed down to his underwear. “Come on Porthos. The captain returned to the balcony, where he found Porthos with another dog, Rhylo, quite similar to an Earth Chinese Crested breed dog that he had previously seen on a veranda downstairs. However, it was revealed that Phlox's Denobulan physiology was not immune to the effects of the disturbance as he previously thought, and the doctor began to hallucinate to the point where he nearly shot Porthos with a phase-pistol. (ENT: "Daedalus"), At one point in November of 2154, Porthos was in Archer's quarters with the captain and Ensign Hoshi Sato. After the captain and Porthos entered their villa, the dog stood on its hind legs near a table. Both scenes take place in an alternate timeline. However, don't worry if you don't … Satisfied that Porthos was fine, Archer turned his attention to T'Pol and discussed the next two days in which he and his dog would be away. (ENT: "The Expanse"), Porthos tries to get into Archer's quarters, Porthos was able to sense the approach of spatial anomalies in the Delphic Expanse. He watched the Humans role-play that Sato was a Tellarite ambassador, the officers' attempt to prepare for the real ambassador's visit aboard the ship. The captain cocked his head at Porthos before walking into the lift. In the J.J. reboot Kirk met Archer and knows, likes his dog. If it appeared on screen, it is unclear where. Enterprise was the first Earth built starship capable of reaching Warp 5. Tucker reminded him that the life of his dog had also been jeopardized and Archer sarcastically replied "Thanks". The dog complied with the instruction and continuously wagged his tail. At all times, he is seen clad in the captain’s suit of his era, which is a mixture of the Star Trek suits to Hearing this, Porthos lifted his head up from off the floor and looked towards Archer. “Tucker t’ Archer. Offers live music along with a menu of seafood, burgers, sandwiches, wings, and appetizers. For four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise, the lovable and wise beagle named Porthos was Captain Archer’s best friend, and also, very easily, the greatest dog in Star Trek history. Captain Archie's in North Myrtle Beach, SC. When she replied that she had spoken to V'Lar, a visiting Vulcan ambassador, Archer lifted Porthos on to his bed and instructed the dog, "Go on". Archer persuaded his superiors to bring the launch of the Enterprise forward three weeks when a Klingon, Klaang , crash landed on Earth; Archer wished to return the injured Klingon home to Qo'noS . Captain Travis Archer has been a member of FishingBooker since November 2017. (ENT: "Acquisition"), While a Kantare female named Liana visited the ship, Commander Tucker gave her a tour of the vessel. In the novel Patterns of Interference Porthos died due to old age in March of 2166, with Archer at his side. (ENT: "Strange New World", "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II") Porthos traveled to the planet in a shuttlepod with a team from Enterprise. Captain Dumbass brings his dog on the away mission, and after the dog pisses on some sacred trees, they are expelled. The dog is named after a character in the novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas (his litter-mates were named for the two other musketeers). Three brothers, Athos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan Essentially this novel is the prelude to the outbreak of the Earth-Romulan War so often referred to in The Original Series. The dog soon sat up in the basket and watched Archer walk to a computer monitor on his desk. Reed was slightly worried when Mayweather told him that the transporter had been approved for bio-transport, but the ensign assured the lieutenant that, from what he had been told, the captain wouldn't even use the contraption on his dog. The It's A Wrap! Archer moved one hand behind Porthos and affectionately rubbed the back of the dog's head. Archer revealed that he and Porthos were going to relax at a small villa overlooking the Risian ocean. After T'Pol left the room, Porthos jumped on to Archer's bed, whimpered and quickly licked around his own mouth. (ENT: "Oasis"), In early 2152, Porthos was lying on a cushion in Archer's quarters when he sensed an alien symbiotic lifeform move through a Jefferies tube above the room. When Archer got up to pour himself a drink, Porthos lifted his head to watch the captain leave the balcony. Tucker therefore described Porthos as a mammal with four legs and big ears. Porthos was a male beagle, the pet dog of Jonathan Archer. However, Porthos continued to bark and the captain eventually realized that something else was wrong. Bar and Grill situated on the Intracoastal Waterway open for lunch, dinner, and happy hour. Remembering Porthos, The Dog That Inspired The Name of Archer's Pooch Porthos has died, but it's not quite what you're thinking. While the dog sat on a biobed, Archer and Phlox viewed the animal's stomach using a computer monitor. Archer initially thought she was implying that he was "mangy," but Sato clarified that Tellarites considered canine a delicacy and suggested that the captain keep Porthos out of sight during their stay. Many other canine companions are also mentioned throughout Enterprise. Jonathan Archer was born in 2112 to renowned warp scientist Henry Archer and his wife Sally. After the captain lay down on his bed and switched the light off, he sighed and instructed Porthos to jump up to the bunk but nothing happened. They traveled to the launch bay, where Archer held Porthos in one arm. Sterling Archer refuses to participate due to not understanding that the airship is filled with non-flammable helium, believing it could easily explod… Male He then jumped onto the captain's bed and, balancing on his hind legs, began to bark at the ceiling. Archer and Porthos headed toward the exit as the captain asked the dog, "See all the trouble you cause? Porthos yipped as he walked through a corridor beside T'Pol and Archer. T’Pol, with her … After Enterprise completed its first mission, Archer was attending to Porthos in the captain's ready room when T'Pol and Tucker entered. T'Pol entered and, while she spoke about the recent devastation of the colony with Archer, Porthos moved to lie on his torso. The captain paused the log several times to rhetorically question himself and Porthos about T'Pol's motives. Shortly thereafter, a group of Borothan pilgrims were hosted aboard Enterprise. One of four males born in a litter of English Beagles, Porthos and his brothers, Athos, Aramis and d'Artagnan, were named after characters from The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, père. Phlox then rubbed his back and suggested that he might enjoy a steak. Heartwarming all on its own, but even moreso when you think back … Archer is now isolating in his hotel room for five days Credit: AFP Captain Joe Root and senior players were furious at Archer’s pit stop. While Archer paced back and forth across the floor, Porthos followed on the captain's bed. The doctor replied that analyzing the dog's condition was no bother and remarked that Porthos had been one of his most co-operative patients on that particular day. He is relatively well-educated man who follows his intuition and feelings, and has a useful talent for diplomacy. In a commentary track for "Broken Bow" available on the ENT Season 1 DVD and Blu-ray, Brannon Braga recalls that he and Rick Berman had always wanted to have a dog as a character, so to speak, that appeared regularly. The Danubian doctor has a soft spot in his heart for animals and Porthos is particularly adorable. It should be noted, however, that the individual who asked the question pleaded for the writer to "please say yes." A frustrated Captain Archer returns from the planet only to be further upset to find that his dog Porthos, has been affected by a pathogen native to the world. When a group of Ferengi marauders rendered the Enterprise crew unconscious and boarded the ship, one of the aliens named Grish attempted to establish communication with Porthos through a universal translator. Dog Day Care in Archer on YP.com. Owner: As Archer approached the dog, he commented that Porthos hadn't been himself recently. Porthos and Muk Porthos was a male beagle, the pet dog of Jonathan Archer.Archer took Porthos with him when he took command of the United Earth Starfleet starship Enterprise in 2151.Porthos remained with Archer throughout Archer's entire tenure as Captain of the Enterprise, often going where no dog had gone before.