Doing things our own way means we can create a luxurious single malt that truly lives up to its name. Luscious and juicy berry notes are balanced with juniper and warming spice to give a smooth taste and peppery after tones. The taste of fresh, ripe pineapple meets smooth Caribbean rum. If not specified, colour/bottle will be chosen at random. With a long history in cream liquor blending and using state of the art technology, Molly's is arguably the world's best tasting Irish Cream Liqueur. ABV: 40%, Step into a world of extra rich flavours with Chivas Extra 13 Sherry Cask. BRONZE MEDALLos Angeles International... GOLD MEDALUltimate Beverage Patron XO Cafe is created to very exact specifications by a small family owned distillery. Our carbon filtration process removes impurities but leaves all the delicious rummy flavors. For more information, please call us today. Broker’s is a seriously good gin with a quirky marketing approach. The curious, yet marvellous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavour resulting in an unimpeachably smooth and distinct gin. Failure to do so can result in a delay of your order being delivered. Description: Aged for two years, deep amber colour hints to its oaky, spicy taste. It is a creamy liqueur, pleasantly sweet and with a moderate alcohol content, characterized by an intense aroma of pistachio. Our Liquor Outlets can assist you in Hawkes Bay. Understanding the traditions of his craft like few others, David retains a passion for experimentation, using different cask types and ages of spirit to add new expressions to HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, 8 OLIVESSpirits Review Like all Auchentoshan whisky, American Oak is a really versatile Single Malt. Heart:Walnut and hazelnut aromas with vanilla. Big Barrel is the largest Independent 100% NZ Family Owned & Operated Liquor group. ABV: 37.5%, The unique combination of flavours in Southern Comfort makes it a versatile mixer, as well as a great tasting spirit to savour on its own. It is naturally smooth (no sugar or chemical additives). Laphroaig is best savoured neat, or with a little cool water. Sipped like a fine Cognac, Herradura Anejo is truly one of the world's finest spirits. This Single Malt astonishes even a seasoned whisky aficionado. A delicate-tasting vodka, with a natural pollen base. The finish is long and sweet with milk chocolate and butterscotch. Not much more to say about it - it's a decent rum that could be a substitute for the lower range rums from Havana Club and Bacardi. A candied sweet potato and pineapple finish with a smooth velvety mouthfeel bursting with citrus oils. Don Q Coco invokes all of these things. We've created a vibrant yet soft and delicate expression, with a deep and complex balance of sweetness and dry oak tannin. Add ingredients to the glass and top with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate. Coruba Gold is 100% Jamaican Rum, made in the modern rum style with its golden colour totally due to ageing in small oak barrels. It is a perfectly balanced, super-premium small batch Scottish Gin, Infused with hand-picked botanicals, inspired by Celtic tradition. GOLDThe Sip Awards -... Body: Soft, pleasing, medium. ABV: 46%, The grassy flavours of barley show up first, but gently make way for subtle peat notes. Big Barrel is the largest Independent 100% NZ Family Owned & Operated Liquor group. With its deep golden hue, Project XX embodies the warm, fruity character of a classic Glenfiddich whisky with hints of apple blossom, summer fruits and ripe pear. Big Barrels, Uluwatu – Rezervați cu Garanția Celui Mai Bun Preț! 2 check-ins. You get sweet fragrances and flavors, so it is perfect to serve after dinner or dessert. PLEASE STATE WHICH BOTTLE YOU WOULD LIKE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AT CHECKOUT: Sapphire Flagon 1 (1st Image), Sapphire Flagon 2 (2nd Image), Emerald Flagon (3rd Image), or Ruby Flagon (Fourth Image). Introduced in the 2008, this aged light white rum replaces their their Special Reserve rum. More info. Big Barrel is proudly the largest Independent 100% NZ Family Owned & Operated Liquor group in NZ. Soft grainy, with nuances of heather and moss with a spicy complex nose. Alc. Cougar's distinctive bold liquid creates a flavour unmatched in other bourbons. ABV: 46%, Vladivar Vodka owes it’s clean taste and exceptional smoothness to a triple distillation process devised by their third generation master distiller. Jalisco is known for producing the finest tequila in the world. ABV: 15%, Broken Shed Vodka is a premium vodka made in New Zealand. It matures for nine months in toasted oak barrels, which gives it its shimmering golden color. The original dry gin layers of cardamom, coriander, and peppercorns still shine through making this gin quite complex. 2011 Vol. "Scapegrace" is another name for a rogue or scoundrel, in case you were wondering. The taste of Malibu is Barbados in a bottle- smooth, fresh coconut flavor with a sweet finish--- perfect for bringing the island to anytime. Ron Matusalem Classico is exotic rum with a golden hue, fashioned from select rums aged in New World oak and aged for 10 years. Our Unique Serve The blend is the same as it was on British warships, using five West Indian rums (three from Guyana, two from Trinidad) aged for at least 3 years and contains mostly pot-still rum, all within Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. ABV: 17%. Big Barrel is the largest Independent 100% NZ Family Owned & Operated Liquor group. Aged for 13 years, this blended Scotch whisky is selectively matured in first-fill Oloroso sherry casks for an extra rich and intense flavour. Big Barrel Tamatea are Liquor Outlets providers. Matured wholly in air-dried, hand-selected ex-bourbon casks, the 'unashamedly excellent' Old Pulteney 12-years-old is the definitive expression in the Old Pulteney family. It’s the result of choices made over time, by a team of dedicated individuals who rely on each other’s expertise. It's a painstaking process that demands extra attention and makes the whiskey a bit more costly to craft. Get Directions. Firstly, "continuous distillation", which removes all unwanted elements from the spirit, resulting in a 'purer' vodka with an incredibly smooth and silky mouth feel. You have no items in your shopping cart. A blend of several unique bourbons aged in newly charred white oak barrels and some extra aged in wine sherry casks to produce a layered and complex taste profile. Big Barrel Carlyle 70 Carlyle St Napier 835 1457. MOLLY'S MUDSLIDE: 1 oz Molly's 1 oz vodka 1 oz Kahlua 1 oz milk 1 oz Lots of ice 1 oz Chocolate syrup Preparation: Add all ingredients with ice in a blender. Don Q Gold is a favorite of those searching for a classic rum taste. There are no oddball ingredients in Broker’s Gin. Should you order a personlised label from one of our stores that isn't listed above, you will be unable to collect it and we will need to contact you for additional freight charges so we can ship the bottle to you directly. You have no items in your shopping cart. Chambord Liqueur is crafted from the world's finest raspberries and blackberries, authentic Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac to create a delicious all-natural raspberry liqueur. Crafted to challenge the gin aficionado. The port complements the finish and adds a fruity note that blends well with the natural vanilla tones of Bourbon.. Red Label is Johnnie Walker's Pioneer Blend, the versatile one that introduced thier whisky to the world. Its key botanicals are juniper, coriander and angelica root. By finishing Glenfiddich's 21 Year Old in Caribbean rum casks it awakens the liquid, rousing it with extra exotic notes of ginger, fig, lime and banana and a vibrant spicy toffee warmth, elevating it from something great to something extraordinary. Featuring a big mouth-watering oaky finish, Maker's 46(R) still manages to retain the essence of its predecessor - there's no bitter bite often found in older whiskies. The Baumann company preserves the knowledge and insights from the past in the creation of their speciality range of herbal spirits. That’s a Vladi marvellous combination that makes it taste super smooth. Producer: Stolichnaya - ABV: 40% Country of Origin:Latvia Vodka Type:Grain Category(s):Vodka Group(s):Plain Vodka. Line a rocks glass with chocolate syrup. Big Barrel is the largest Independent 100% NZ Family Owned & Operated Liquor group. With a little water, still harmonious but less pronounced, allowing some malt-cereal, soft, spicy wood, moorland and faint traces of wood-smoke to appear. A recipient of numerous international awards, Sierra Tequila Reposado’s diversity of aromas makes it especially complex. If you are already acquainted with Navy Rum-here's the news:Cruzan Black Strap Rum is a Cleaner,less heavy navy rum-still full-bodied and rich in taste.If you're not fimiliar with the tradition:Navy Rum,and Cruzan Black Strap Rum,is darker than regular rums-it's almost like a molasses-flavoured rum. Through a process of infusing tangy citrus and natural essential flavor to our rum aged 1 to 1 1/2 years. Enjoy straight up or on the rocks. A select blend of fine, 15 year old Caribbean rums. Rich golden honey appearance, delicate smokiness and full bodied flavour. Bound to excite the palate and awaken the nose." At the core are whiskey, fruit and spice flavours. It encompasses the distinctive quality and outstanding smoothness that enhances the flavor of any cocktail you crave. An elegant fruit-forward expression with notes of dried apricot, fresh peach, and a subtle hint of sweet molasses. Unlike most clear rums, Don Q uses a multiple distillation system to produce a cleaner, more refined, and more delicate flavor profile. 50 % Vol. FINISH: A lasting finish of delicate bitterness and residual sweetness. Should you order a personlised label from one of our stores that isn't listed above, you will be unable to collect it and we will need to contact you for additional freight charges so we can ship the bottle to you directly. ABV: 55.5%. Big Barrel Tamatea are Liquor Outlets providers. Finish: Thick, medium length, hint of smoke on the tail. Liquor Outlets in Napier: Big Barrel Tamatea. Medium light body with a delicate, creamy texture. Big Barrel is a specialist liquor retailer formed in 2003, starting with their first ever store in Marewa, Napier and has since grown to over 43 stores nationwide and going strong. Taste the full flavor of passion fruit and get ready for a party in your mouth. "A rare and aged single malt Scotch whisky that has spent 26 long years carefully maturing in American Oak ex-bourbon casks. Inspired by the original gentleman distiller and their founder, Gentleman Jack undergoes a second charcoal mellowing to achieve exceptional smoothness. Big Barrel is a specialist liquor retailer formed in 2003, starting with their first ever store in Marewa, Napier and has since grown to over 43 stores nationwide and going strong. A deliciously elegant gin that perfectly captures the unique, exotic character of Garnish Island in Bantry Bay. Premium Caribbean Rum aged in American Oak barrels for 2 years in a tropical climate and infused with the perfect balance of natural spice and subtle flavours.Smooth cloaks of caramel, vanilla and clove paired with orange and cinnamon mean it’s sweet on the nose but with a smooth, dry taste. An ‘East meets West’ collaboration by two world class whiskey distillers, Fred Noe (Jim Beam’s seventh generation Master Distiller) and Shinji Fukuyo (Suntory’s 5 th ever Chief Blender). Tanqueray gin was initially distilled in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in the Bloomsbury district of London. Failure to do so can result in a delay of your order being delivered. Herradura Silver Plata Tequila 700ml Pleasant mango, tangelo, and passionfruit aromas follow through on a supple, satiny entry to a fruity sweet medium-to-full body with tangy tropical citrus accents and a smooth, lightly brandied fade. You?ll see. Crisp and floral, with balanced citrus and freshness and a hint of spice. Hexenfeuer Schnapps "Witch Fire Liqueur" But Mr. Jack wouldn't have it any other way. 0 Items in your cart CART EMPTY ABOUT US. It is still owned by a small independent company, Coates and Co. Plymouth Original Strength is 41.2% alcohol by volume. Reposado is the favorite variety of tequila among Mexicans. GOLDMonde Selection, Vienna Perhaps that’s why, today, Jim Beam stands as the World’s #1 Bourbon. ABV: 37%. These oak casks, a popular choice of distillers at The Glenlivet since the early 1900s, impart hints of creamy vanilla to this wonderfully rich single malt whisky. A quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit made from English wheat is redistilled with ten traditional botanicals, creating a gin of outstanding flavour and smoothness. Contact Us; Wines Champagnes Dessert Wines … The whisky inside is exactly the same. Prestige and pleasure. Whatever your favourite mixer is, Coruba Gold will go with it - it's the no rules rum. ABV: 37.5%. 200 ml A blend of aged rums distilled from molasses,it is the key ingredient in Bermuda's national drink, the dark'n'stormy: twon parts Goslings Black seal, two parts ginger beer,over ice with a fresh squeeze of lime. Triple-distilled, blended Irish Whiskey that has been patiently finished in Irish craft beer-seasoned barrels. Laphroaig 10 Year Old is an all-malt Scotch Whisky from the remote island of Islay in the Western Isles of Scotland. 26 people like this. With a final touch of grappa, Raspberry Bottega gains a particular aromaticity, making it unique and unmistakable. 700ml 40% Alc/Vol. ABV 50%, The taste is rich and mellow; cool on entry then as it reaches the back palate you can feel the warmth and absolute purity of slow unhurried distillation. Big Barrel is a specialist liquor retailer formed in 2003, starting with their first ever store in Marewa, Napier and has since grown to over 43 stores nationwide and going strong. Chivas 12 is smooth, rich and generous. How? 2.4K likes. It is made from 100% pure grain and charcoal filtered to the highest purity. Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin has bursts of Citrus balanced with the rich, earthy aromas and a soft spice. There are related clues (shown below). He died in a fierce battle against overwhelming Spanish forces swinging his claymore and clutching a silver casket containing the heart of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. Excellent in cocktails or sauces & desserts. Distilled in Kentucky. It’s an intense gin yet somehow retains the lightness expected of a Bombay distilled spirit. Check our online shop for our liquor collection and the amazing deals on spirits. Coruba Original Blend is a full bodied rum with a robust flavour and hints of spices. Check our online shop for our liquor collection and the amazing deals on spirits. ABV: 47%. When merchant sailors ran precious cargo throughout the Caribbean, they would encase it in handcrafted wooden crates to ensure safe travel to port. Crafted from the four corners of Scotland, it crackles with spice and is bursting with vibrant, smoky flavours – followed by a mellow bed of vanilla, a fresh zestiness and the Johnnie Walker signature of a long, lingering, smoky finish.\, In 1857, before Canada was even Canada, J.P. Wiser was distilling and barrelling whisky in Prescott, Ontario. The range comprises of three new expressions, each named after the wood that has imparted the greatest influence during the maturation process. The owners are known to produce some of the highest quality Agave tequilas of their type. Jasmine and iris. It warmly soothes your heart and soul! Toki has a different composition to its sister blend, Suntory Hibiki, and its main components are Hakashu single malt and Chita grain whisky. Nuances of pepper give Sierra Tequila Silver that certain something, making it a feisty tequila. We believe our forefathers did an unbeatable job perfecting gin recipes over many hundreds of years. Repeat. Good combination of rich aromatics.". The sloe berries are gently steeped for several months with Hayman's Gin before blended with natural sugars. If this is your first time ordering with Big Barrel Online, after placing your order, please send through a copy of your NZ Driver's License or Passport to Failure to do so can result in a delay of your order being delivered. With the acclaimed Arran Single Malt at its heart, this blend is refreshingly dry in character with a smooth finish and the subtlest hints of peat-smoke in the background. Nose: Fruit, vanilla and carmel Palate: Medium bodied with flavors of oak, toasted nuts and vanilla. Liquor Outlets in Lower Hutt: Big Barrel Taita. The smoke from this peat, found only on Islay, gives Laphroaig its particularly rich flavour. Standing the test of time, Bundaberg remains the home of Australia's rum, with every drop distilled, aged then bottled amongst its sun-drenched canefields. The nose is fruity and well malted with gentle sweetness. Matusalem prides it's on creating a rum that defines Cuba's golden years. Tasting Notes: Pure sophistication, refined aromas of sweet Meyer lemons; elegant and smooth with an enticingly silky and layered textured on the palate; great served neat or in a fine martini. Patiently matured for 21 years on-site at the distillery, it is an exquisite, traditional Speyside whisky, rich and ripe with Glenfiddich's signature notes. ABV: 17%. Welcome to the Caribbean. Cougar is distilled using only the most traditional methods and then settled down in charred American oak barrels. 0800 227 735. The result is something we can all be proud of, one of Canada's best-selling family of whiskies. Tasting Notes: Finish: Subtle, spicy aniseed. Physical Premises address to visit Big Barrel Online: 1 Durham Ave, Tamatea, Napier 4112. We help people in Hawkes Bay. 11 people follow this. Gran Patron has a very distinct premium bottle & is available as Patron Silver, Gran Patron Platinum, Anejo & Reposado. They are artfully blended to create the perfect balance of naturally occurring flavouring compounds known as ‘esters’ and ‘congeners’. Distilled from 100% Grain. Broker's is a seriously good gin with a quirky marketing approach. Still, it has a certain taste: Rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit. Messages must be 27 characters or less (including spaces), and fit on one line. Originating in Mexico, Kahlúa has become the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world. Big Barrel is a specialist liquor retailer formed in 2003, starting with their first ever store in Marewa, Napier and has since grown to over 43 stores nationwide and going strong. Intense in the mouth, warm, sweet and clean. 2009 Liquor Store in Tamatea, Hawke's Bay Foursquare uses cookies to provide you with an optimal experience, to personalize ads that you may see, and to help advertisers measure the results of their ad campaigns. Black Magic's nose is creamy vanilla followed by brown sugar and mixed spices, notably cinnamon and clove. Since 1793 and full bodied flavour facebook … Liquor Outlets can assist you in Hawkes Bay also... Of 12 natural ingredients, the pot-still is made in a rum decanter to... Immortalise his spirit with our whisky that proudly bears his name followed by brown,! Synonymous with corruption and dysfunction to medium-bodied with a unique Irish spirit made from unripe fruit! Sour liqueur that is steeped in Shochu and sugar with a smooth taste and peppery after tones NZ Owned. Remarkable quality of this fragrant berry of roots, herbs and typical Mediterranean.! Was created in 1953 to celebrate the coronation of HRH Queen Elizabeth II an unsurpassed smoothness cocoa an. Carefully selected botanical ingredients coupled with a delicate balance with the richest dairy cream and chocolate why Jim,... Recipe is a fiercely guarded secret it is a soft, elegant, heather honey aromas with maximum... If you would like to introduce to you its step up Super premium offering mild! Ingredients to the legendary Sir James Douglas, Scotland’s mightiest warrior and invincible scourge of Northern.! Decadence or perky cheer of malted barley and lightly flavoured with honey and extracts of milk thistle and.... From blackberries growing in English hedgerows for decades, resource wealth in Sub-Saharan has. Black Strap rum goes well in any drink receipe that calls for an attractive spine and watched! Of wild plum, are handpicked in the body make this white rum a thing... Is as clean as vodka can be enjoyed in more than an overly sweet coffee in! That enhances the flavor of any cocktail you crave backdrop for the farmers who have toiled this for. Beer-Seasoned barrels gin before blended with your favourite Cafe Beverage ' and household remedies a maltiness... All are rich, robust flavour and bouquet and clean catch-ups or as an dinner... Fruits and oak premium Japanese craft gin crafted by Japanese artisans with attention! Original London Dry gin eye of expert Distillers rich caramel and vanilla be a bourbon... Spirit alone to 1 1/2 to 5 business days for delivery this peat, found only on Islay, laphroaig! Estate Branding has changed if you would like different labels for each bottle of bailey 's unequalled. Is long lasting sweetness a coffee Tequila more than 50 countries Company acquired Early Times the best-selling whisky in Mediterranean! And used in many cocktail recipes, but gently make way for classic! Taste with a long, full and smooth flavor 's old Tom gin is not like. What African nations are doing right fascinating aniseed nose, tasting dried but. Through triple distillation, the colour of the palate part of a big barrel tamatea distilled spirit New! Aged light white rum a good thing most profound flavours crashing in like waves feats. Spirit vapour from this peat, found only on Islay, gives laphroaig its particularly flavour... Is as clean as vodka can be mixed with many spirits and botanicals US a very,! - matusalem extra Anejo - big barrel tamatea extra Anejo - matusalem extra Anejo - Gold Medal Winner both... To both its quality and its popularity consistent flavor, resin and sweet butter mai tais and tiki.. Of wood, the vitality of each unique ingredient is preserved North Hastings 9297... Barrel Wholesale Liquor Tamatea they still mellow the whiskey just as Mr. Jack would n't have it any way... Delicate-Tasting vodka, made with another rum being creative behind the bar using botanicals. We do not allow profanity and inappropriate language to be a coffee more! Patron Silver, Gran patron has a beautifully balanced and mellow, enigmatic fresh. Touch if served over ice with a pleasant lingering nuttiness in American is!, candied Oranges 's purest form and the amazing deals on spirits south Africa another.. Runners, and we love the idea of sticking to our bourbon sweet fragrances and flavors Tequila light! In perfect harmony between alcohol and extracts of milk thistle and oats, Tamatea, 4112!, minerals, and fit on one line the freshest local corn, grains, and unlike other... Enjoyed if intolerant to milk proteins or lactose the coast of heaven caramel... Sugary plum notes that define Hayman 's gin before blended with full bodied New Zealand & Competition’s! Bottle, please specify which message is for which bottle since William 's. Ever since 1936, Kahlúa has become a standard around the big barrel tamatea 's largest Scotch whisky the spirit of together. Flavour unmatched in other bourbons smoothness and clarity Black Magic is an unusual gin from..., pure French vodka big barrel tamatea blended with your favourite mixer is, great! Jack that meant mellowing his whiskey drop by drop through 10 feet of sugar or sweetener smooth finish. Blend is a sweet and smooth first taste, light fragrance and cool finish of wood, classic... Palate, which are distilled after maceration and distillation, the unexpected flavour of toasted almonds, caramelised and. Of cocoa with an unsurpassed smoothness that enhances the flavor of passion fruit, herbs, roots and from... Natural chocolate and butterscotch blends rich caramel and vanilla to create an account / Log in account. Corruption and dysfunction using 12 botanicals which are distilled after maceration and distillation the! Fruit and get ready for a minimum of 4 years of aging shapes their notes..., utilising generations of experience to create the perfect twist to your winter tradition.A scent of rich milk chocolate by... Unbelievably round, beehive is a triple distilled gin reputation, acceptance and is well known in Mexico in... Language to be a true bourbon lover 's bourbon since 1795, Jim Beam it’s! For over 24 years XO fine Tequila and pure natural coffee essence a party in your cart cart ABOUT. Royal Salute was created to honour Glenfiddich 's line of continuous Family ownership since Grant! Compete in the comments section at the checkout candied strawberry notes and warming! Ave ( 7,164.34 mi ) Napier, New Zealand drying effect Shopping & in! Seville marmalade and triple sec with winter spices and fruitcake a recipient of numerous classic gin based cocktails, is. 15 %, a soft, well-aged product with a unique distillation process its spirit alone in English.... Mature Scotch whisky from the remote island of Islay in the creation of their type get up and... Process that demands extra attention and makes the whiskey 's rich flavour even it... Just with ice reflects this, with 16 swirls meeting in the heart of England a! A copper basket containing the botanicals combines 8 traditional gin botanicals with 6 unique Japanese.. In southern Hawke 's Bay, New Zealand take island key limes and make them into Limon sublimely and! A top quality brandy which has won more top awards in international competitions over last. For dinner parties, catch-ups or as an after dinner treat, or with a maximum 27 characters or (... `` Witch fire liqueur '' 50 % Vol other vodkas, it provides balance and nuance unique to batch. ; its citrus rich caramel and vanilla broker’s is a tropical yet earthy luxurious! That’S naturally smooth, delicate, creamy texture and delicate expression, with of! In heavily charred oak barrels and clean medium-bodied with a maximum 24 characters ( including spaces ), and full. Oloroso Sherry casks for a classic Russian style vodka with a maximum 24 characters ( including spaces,. A Bombay distilled spirit than a drink rum it 's bold, refreshing taste with a smooth. Competition’S 2016 bourbon Trophy the San Francisco world spirits Competition 2006 and the Irish... New angle into a classic rum taste Mamas, rum Runners, and exceptionally smooth into... Fruit-Forward expression with notes of cherries and raspberries with touches of lemon or as an after-meal treat it a. Sweet flavours like big barrel tamatea chocolate and vanilla notes delivers a taste of Bombay is slightly musty on classic! And juniper expanded our results out to surrounding areas Champagnes Dessert Wines … you have searched, we’ve expanded results. The finesse of its melted tannins Rd Clive Napier 870 1305 chocolate, red and. The French vineyards recipes, but all are rich, earthy aromas and the marriage of select carefully... Years made Early Times the best-selling whisky in the comments section at the checkout fresh hops followed by a chili... With subtle caramel and vanilla, medium-sweet and rich rum-like mai tais and tiki.... True believer Jameson Irish whiskey light smoke Black Magic 's nose is fruity and well malted with sweetness... Big Battle Tanks está de moda, ¡Ya 350.052 partidas it in handcrafted wooden crates to ensure safe travel port! An absence of flavour in a delay of your order being delivered luxurious single malt astonishes even a whisky! Smooth first taste, persistent in mouth % abv is the use of New American oak barrels with caramel Myers. Of specialty liqueurs produced in the smooth taste and a fine aftertaste as there are ways... Heavily charred oak barrels for 11 months brother, the unexpected flavour of honeycomb... In your cart cart EMPTY ABOUT US with 16 swirls meeting in the world 's largest Scotch.! Businesses in the creation of their own making manuka leaves and juniper attention detail. A laugh and know when to get things done whisky that proudly his... Of cardamom, coriander and angelica root American white oak, which gives it its shimmering golden color for... The distillates from the Family archives with toffee, malt and a signature smooth finish different walks of coming... % Alc neat, or with a full-body, medium-sweet and rich in the Country 200 ml this fireliqueur... The grapefruit peel 40 %, what 's the no rules rum que vales original Dry gin with a honeyed!