My son and I wanted to thank you for such quick service. Wow Im extremely impressed. Originating in Australia, their parent stock is Orpingtons. Randy Tennessee August 2009 I contacted you and received a very reassuring reply that proved to be exactly right. I ordered these along with White Rock, Barred Rock, and New Hamshire. With this hot summer there’s plenty of time to be ready for winter. Joan, Iowa March 2012 Thank you. I ordered 35 Black Australorp chicks that were delivered 3/19/2014. If that is not the case then please let us know. We are looking forward to raising our leghorns, Rhode Island Red, Easter Egg and Black Australorps. Day-Old Chicks: Black Copper Marans. – January 11, 2016. Applies to delivery addresses in the continental U.S. only. They are known for their shiny rich black feathering. Thanks!!! Very Satisfied and will order from Cackle again. I put them in the brooder as soon as i got them home and they immediately started eating and drinking and they are doing fine. – December 4, 2015. I just wanted to let you know the chickens we ordered from you in March won several ribbons at our county fair. They are a week old now. They have red colored wattles and single combs. Recognized by the American Standard of Perfection as a distinct pure breed of poultry in 1929, this chicken breed makes an excellent winter laying hen. Each and everyone arrived safely and healthy and perfectly beautiful! – November 18, 2015. Thank you. Again it is a pleasure to do business with CACKLE HATCHERY. This is all new to me, I have never ordered baby chicks, but you guys made it a wonderful experience!! and for males is 7 lbs. They are sleek and alert, but they also have a princess attitude that makes them fun to be around. They have a great black color. 4-Her wants Black Australorps, he knows that the feet color should be white or grey to show what color are your birds feet. A very pleased customer, Bill, Missouri February 2013 They will be pets split up to three different homes when they are a little larger, so please thank each person involved with this transaction for selecting these babies for us. #43-105. They are all good to go to ship tomorrow, as per my request!!! Active free rangers, docile, not flighty. | Privacy Policy Thanks so much to Crackle Hatchery for all 10 live Pullets and the extra Buff Orpington Cockerel. They have close fitting feathers. They were immediately given water, and chick food was made available (including the boiled egg yolk you recommended) They took to it instantly! Ordered 5 Black Australorps & 5 Buff Orpingtons pullets. When we need more chicks, we will definitely order again. We have handled this breed for years and it is one of the best of our heavy breeds. I am very happy customer and will tell all my friends about your services. Ordered a mixture of 32 baby chicks consisting of Sussex, Black Australorps, Silver Wynadottes and a Surplus Special of Polish. – November 6, 2015. Free shipping is not available for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands or Canada. When mature, these birds have glossy, all- black feathers that show a gorgeous green sheen. There was 100% survival including the two extras, so that was a bonus. I received my order of pullets from you today and I just wanted to THANK-YOU. Black Australorps have pinkish white skin and the bottom of their feet are white. I love them! Thank you very much. Black Australorp Chicks. – November 10, 2015. As long as you provide plenty of shade and water for them, they should do fine. Melissa, Texas Sept 2014 Black Australorp chickens are a hardy producer of large brown eggs. – December 18, 2015. Would you like to correct it? Customer Service ladies cannot be more helpful, they run down to the hatchery, check on availability, work with you, whatever it takes to get a satisfied customer. I ordered 6 Black Australorp, and 6 Buff Orpingtons and received a baker’s dozen: 7 Black Australorp! Day-Old Chicks: Bantam Assortment. We received our order of “chickies babies”. Roger Arkansas May 2014 – January 14, 2016, Im very happy customer after 20 weeks later from baby chicks to young pullets. I ordered 15 pullets and 2 cockerels. I am a new chicken owner and this is my first time having chicks/chickens EVER. Do yourself a favor and add them to your flock you won’t be disappointed. QUICK OVERVIEW The Australorp, an Australian breed, was selected for its high egg production, and was developed primarily from Black Orpingtons that were exported from England in the 1890s to early 1900. Thanks SO much! I live in central Florida. – December 18, 2015. The minimum order to ship is 25 from Feb-Mar, and 15 chicks April or later. Suzy Louisiana June 2015 Black Australorps, an Australian breed, selected for high egg production, were developed primarily from Black Orpingtons that were exported from England in the 1890s to early 1900. I know where to buy my baby chicks from now on. 5. Sometimes fans or even misting fans in extreme temperatures help too. They sent out another batch of 22 completely free of charge. I wanted to wait awhile before giving a review on my Black Australorp chicks, for those that might be a little more curious as to what this breed from Cackle Hatchery is like once they grow up. Keep up the good work. They were crossed withRhode Island Reds to improve the egg laying ability.In England, the Orpington was being refined to produce good quality meat, but the ever practical Australian poultry breeders of the 1920s wanted a good utility bird with the emphasis o… The black is certainly still a fine … Day-Old Chicks: Australorp. Always make sure you have shady areas for the Black Australorp chicken so they do not overheat in the summer. Ordered 10 female in April 2019, and received an extra! Day-Old Chicks: Appenzeller Spitzhauben. Very disappointed and will not use Cackle again. But with Australorps, many times the males will show signs early on, especially around 5 and 6 weeks. I will definitely order from you guys again. SKU: 124162399. My 40 chickens are doing great! Received 35 chicks a 5 days ago and all living, healthy and eating starter crumbles like they were a month old. They are soft feathered chicken with an upright stance. Choose Options. That little extra touch of customer service just made my whole day and made me feel good that I ordered from you, after looking at many hatcheries online and finally selecting yours. Australorps are very large birds — cockerels (males) weigh 6 to 8 pounds at maturity, and pullets (females) weigh 5 to 7 pounds. – November 27, 2015. They were very healthy when they arrived. First and foremost, I’m 100 percent satisfied. They seem to be friendly and follow me when I’m outside and while they won’t let me handle them they will get within two feet of me and run around. I received my chicks in 2 days. I must go now and check on the babies…better than color TV!!! We are so pleased with our order that we received in July. – December 18, 2015. Poultry Black Giants have yellow skin and the bottom of their feet are yellow. It feels really good having my wonderful chickens prefer me over my husband like all our other animals. I picked up my chicks from the Post Office and the box had 20 very healthy and thriving baby chicks in it. I actually expected to lose two or three but I am blessed to have lost only one. You will definitely continue to get my business and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends. I don’t usually get chicks in the fall but am very glad I tried it. With four generations of experience selling poultry, we have great selection of chickens for you to choose from—shop today! Black Australorps are large, heavy and very beautiful. The first ship date for everything in your cart is, These items have been added to your wish list. Many people who like the Australorp also like Wyandotte chickens. got 13 baby pullets in feb 15 only getting only about 6-7 eggs per day feeding nutrena 16% + grit & calcium light at night for 16 hrs total per day how to increase production I think, in 2021, I’ll splurge and get some White Australorps! I guess I’d like each of them to know that they were responsible for selecting 5 Black Australorps, 5 Light Brahma and 6 Buff Orpington pullets for loving homes and lives that won’t end in the slaughter house. I was sick when I checked the tracking ETA from the post office and just knew they had very little chance of arriving alive. Will be ordering from cackle again. Place Eligible items in your cart. They are exactly 6 months now and egg production is picking up. What an excellent experience!! We did not expect to receive the chicks we ordered 2 days after we ordered them. Eggs vary in colors of brown. I already placed another order for Buff Orpington chicks and they scheduled for shipment next week Thank You! They are healthy and productive. They have well rounded breasts and deep bodies. – January 9, 2016, Just wanted to let you know all the chicks arrived safe and sound. Please see Cackle Hatchery®’s raising baby chickens information in our FAQ and baby chicken care instructions. All arrived safe and sound and are growing fast. Your email address appears to be invalid. Is it likely hens would continue laying through the winter? – August 26, 2015. And we really appreciated the very helpful descriptions regarding bird/breed characteristics. The breed was originally called the utility black Orpington to distinguish it from birds being produced for show. Deborah Missouri June 2009 They are very sweet but a little prissy when you pick them up, and I even have one that sounds likes she’s complaining when she’s picked up. Black australorp baby chicken, a good layer chicken breed from Australia. Will be ordering soon. What is the minimum I can order We ordered 15 chicks and got 16 happy, healthy fluff balls last week.