Feel free to reach out to us for travel related queries on WhatsApp by clicking on the link Here or simply send a Hi to +91 9555584607. but i am not willing to be forced to do volunteer works. Pls mail me at s1satyendra@gmail.com and provide your contact no. A stay at the Himalayan Yog Ashram is a unique opportunity for a deep work on your inner self. In Nepal: Also interested in Jogic Courses ( Short / Long duration ) in that Asram. Also, don't stay here if you plan to use it as a hotel, the whole purpose of free time is to give space to yourself and let things flow, not to put many activities and walks to the village. "A peaceful and beautiful oasis to meet yourself". Another one in varanasi is Ramakrishna mission hospital and asram..everything is free here. I want to live my rest of life as a sanyashi. You can try the above list, or places from our most recent post. Staying at the Sivananda ashram, we made the most of our two freshly-cooked sattvic meals a day. Hi! Please mention some good places in hindi region. In India: the asram is for women of all ages. It will appeal to students who want to experience the complete yogic lifestyle in a personalized setting, and is ideally suited to those looking for a transformational experience. I M 61Yrs. u can go to darshan of lord siva every day. plz. vatsalya gram asram in vrindavan mathura uttarpradesh its also called sadhvi ritambara asram Hello, I am Anita Singh. It is open to all, irrespective of whether you are an Isha meditator or not. Reply to: whole life stay in ashram & ashram works. Retreats, Yoga Therapy Training and various kinds of Ayurvedic Treatments. Deciding to live in a ashram is a great step towards improving your inner self. The ashram is not a guest house. Their Ashrams are everywhere in India. Kindly consult. To read about the experiences of people who lived in an ashram, check Experience of people living in an ashram. • After one month stay at Sri Yoga Niwas, the senior family members can ask for long term stay starting from one year. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ashram Living. Visitors are free to join ongoing daily classes in Vedanta, Sanskrit, Vedic Chanting or Yoga. This is a place for reflection and contemplation guided by Yogi Ram's useful and simple insights. They have branches in every major city, but their main Ashram is in Chennai. Hello, you can explore the above options. That's exactly what was offered to me. 9770354977. Otherwise, ‘Feel free to reach out to us for travel related queries on WhatsApp by clicking on the link Here or simply send a Hi to +91 9555584607. Please helps me to get good and safe asharm for women. if anyone knows such places, please share with me. VATSALYA GRAM NH2 bhuteswar road dorera khader uttarpradesh . I want to leave my hole life in d prayer of God. If you're looking for a quiet haven of retreat, this isn't the right ashram for you. a safe free asram for women is vatsalya gram near vrindavan in uttar pradesh..it is caĺled sadhvi ritambara asram also . It is a 2 month to 12 months range of opportunities. If interested let’s connect n discuss , plan is to come together 5 people. Hi, i would like to come and spend 2 days in this ashram, Please may I know about some of Himalayan monastery where I can stay please. It’s wonderful. For more details, check out Top 10 Himalayan you can stay in. It’s a soul enriching experience, which we would surely recommend for you to try atleast once in your life. i appreciate ur contribution..urs is kind heart. Unhappy n alone in life. Very important condition for staying in ashram is that no any kind of intoxication is allowed in an ashram. they have branches in sijai and omkareswar in madhya pradesh and Barmer in rajasthan. are not allowed to stay in this ashram. I want to leave my home can I get some place in your ashram for my rest of life please help me, Am from chennai my name is vikram